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Library Listings!

                                   Local Library Listings!

            The local library can be a mom or dad's best friend.  With events and classes for all ages, this can not only give you something to do mid-week, for free, but save your sanity. Many libraries have a children's room that includes more than books- many have puzzles and other toys for children to use, so just going there can be fun even if there isn't a class that day.  Remember, you can use your library card at any library in Nassau County as long as your town library is in the county! There is also one more big perk about being a Nassau County library card holder. FREE MUSEUM PASSES. Yeap that's right, Libraries in Nassau County have passes that they will lend out to you and your family to go to local museums FOR FREE! Each library is different, but I am sure you will find one place you would like to go especially for that price!  Please click on this link for a complete list of the Nassau County libraries and to be directed to their website!

Being a Nassau County resident, I dont venture much into the Suffolk County libraries, but I am sure they are fantastic! Unfortunately  I couldn't find a nice neat listing of all the Suffolk libraries like I did with the Nassau ones, so here is a page filled with every single library on Long Island thanks to