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About The Mommy's Guide: Media Kit!

About The Mommy's Guide

 The Mommy's Guide is a family of writers that get together and review the things you need to know about, talk about topics that need to be spoken about, and tell you about places you need to see. There are two Four full time employees as well as a number of guest writers who chip in their two cents worth of thoughts on occasion:

Brittany Erdman: Gives us healthy hints, volunteer advocate, and talks to companies one on one for promotional gain on both sides!

Christina G. Full time mom, vegetarian on staff, and one of the editors.

Maureen Aucone: Mother of one monster child, and Stay at Home Mother.  Founder of the Mommy's Guide, Customer Service, Press Relations and lover of a good deal

Michael Aucone: Editor, Toy Reviewer- Focus on electronic toys as well as Video Games

Xander Aucone: Product Tester, Reviewer focus on play

Peter Totten : Editor, Dare Devil- he does the things we are afraid to do. And by we, I mainly mean me- I am a chicken

Cheryl Wehner- Fasionista, and editor. She also reviews the performing arts events.

Jessica Stark: Mommy Poppins of The Guide- Give her a spoon full of sugar and she will make a party out of it!

  Want to post on The Mommy's Guide? Email us to see if you are a good fit- guest bloggers always welcomed

   All of us are located on Long Island where we were raised and are now raising our children.  We are a brief 30 minute train ride to the city, Astoria, and Brooklyn where the world is literally at your fingertips.

   Brand Ambassadors 2014/2015
PBS Kids Club Thirteen
Madame Alexander Doll Company Mom Panel
Sprint PC MOM

Disney On The Road

Brand Ambassadors 2016
PBS Kids Club Thirteen
Madame Alexander Doll Company Mom Panel
Pop Cap Mom
Disney SSM
Moms Meet Events

Brand Ambassadors 2017
PBS Kids Club Thirteen
Madame Alexander Doll Company Mom Panel
Pop Cap Mom
Disney SSM
Moms Meet Events
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  Companies we love that happen to love us back!
Feld Entertainment
Uncle Milton

Disney Jr
Disney On Ice
Marvel LIVE
Disney Side Celebrations
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Stinky Kids
Disney Infintiy
Skylanders Trap Team
Warner Brothers
Nick Jr
Ripley's Believe It Or Not
Heathers The Musical
Six Flags
Steve Jackson Games
Cirque De Soli

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  We cover a wide range of events including the most important... MOMMY'S TIME OUT! This includes events that are just for parents- because if Mama isn't happy no one is happy.  We are also very involved with the gaming industry, this includes tabletop and apps (PLANTS VS ZOMBIES) as well as console and computer gaming for both children and adults.

  Are you a geek? Well so are we! Huge sci-fi fans (ok, maybe not Christina), comic books, Buffy, Doctor Who (before it was cool) Star Wars, Star Trek. Jane Auston fanatic.... It doesn't fit here but I wanted to let you know.

  Foodie? Well that's great- because we will let you know the best places to eat around town- are you one of those places? Let us know where you are so we can try you out!

  Small business owner? We pride ourselves on supporting small businesses around the Island and NYC- please let us know how we can help you get your name out there!

Artist? Let us know who you are what you do and how you do it? We support our local ART!

  We are incredibly PR Friendly (to the point where it might be disconcerting) and if you want a thorough in depth truthful review of your product or production please contact us. Please note that when contacting us, if you have a release date you need us to work around please put that information on your email and we will work hard to get it done.

Any other questions? let us know!

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