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Freebies at Disney World !

    As we have mentioned we have left New York for the Sunny Floridian lifestyle. Palm trees are swaying, huge dinosaur-like birds are walking by, and frogs are hopping into my pool like it has Lilly Pads. This also means, however, that this Disney family is finally able to enjoy the pass holder lifestyle. Any day any time we get-go to friggin Disney! Oh, yea baby!
Stop Judging people Grumpy!
   So being we live so close now I have joined numerous Disney related facebook pages, as one does. Disney Magic, Disney Passholders, Moms of Disney- etc, etc. Most of the people who post are super friendly, sharing their experiences with their pictures tips and tricks. It is really nice to see a community of people sharing a common interest come together. That being said there are also a lot of assholes in these groups.  I cannot believe the number of people that are on a page dedicated to a place that calls itself "the happiest place on earth" that are real Grumpys if you know what I mean! 
   In a more recent post, this first-time visiter posted about possibly getting something for free as it was their first-time visit. Something along the lines of a welcome package. Some hotels, resorts, etc do- do this, so I am not surprised about the question. OH MY GOD the amount of sarcasm and just plain mean comments that came after it! I was actually in shock. Why do people feel the need to be so nasty- well that is for another article. So before I give you guys my list of freebies that I have scored during our visits I want to just say something.
     There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to know what you can score for free- from any place at any time. Seeking 'freebies', as I call them, is not asking for a handout, it's seeing what a place will give you just for attending. Most places will not advertise freebies as then they need to shell out more money in order to fund them, but for the frugal and fun minded people out there who take the time to look for them- good for you enjoy that score!
    My last comment on this subject is that TMG was actually founded on the premise of finding free or low-cost things to do with my kid. I found it absolutely crazy how much venues charged for child-related activities. How anyone could afford to go out into the world of entertainment with more than one child and not have to work three jobs to pay for it is still beyond me. I made a career out of it. So to all those naysayers  'nanananpoopoo to you'! I know I am not only frugal but mature as well. Ok so without further ado- here is my list. Please feel free to add to it in the comment list! I will be finding more and more things and will be adding them as I see them as well!

                                Get Free Transportation Post Cards
* Transportation cards- a fun little collection for the kiddos. The postcards have pictures of all the different kinds of transportation they have at Disney World. So far we have the Monorail and the ferry These cards are carried by some cast members that work on the monorails, buses, ferries, and car lot transport. You can also go to gues services at each park and ask if they have any available there.

                                  Get A Free Sorcerers of Magic Card Game! 
*Sorcerers of The Magic card game at magic kingdom. This is an interactive role-playing card game that you play all over the Magic Kingdom. The cards feature beautifully drawn original artwork of various Disney and Pixar characters. You then use these cards to fight Disney Villians that are scattered all over the park in interactive Windows. When you walk into MK go on over and make a pit stop at the Firehouse. Go inside enlist in the fight to villains and help save magic as we know it! Each member of your party can register and will receive a pack of five cards and a beautiful map. You will all be registered to play and will walk through a fun tutorial.  The game is fun, and the cards make amazing souvenirs! Each day you are in the Magic Kingdom you can claim another pack of cards per person- you just need to play a round of the game first- then head back over to the firehouse and get our next pack. There are sixty cards in the collection, and you can get fifty of them by just collecting your free pack of cards when you visit.
     *I have a trick to scoring two packs of cards on your first run at the game. After you set up your account and receive your first free pack of three cards go play a couple of rounds of the game. Then before you leave for the day or at least an hour before the park closes go head back over to the Firehouse. Ask them if it's possible to see if you can claim your pack of cards. They may remember you from earlier and not want to run your account- but if they do you will score another pack. The system recognizes your ability to claim a pack of cards after you log into the portal on the day you are at the park, registering does not count as logging into the portal. This loophole scores you a total of six free cards on your first day! SCORE!

                                    Go On A Pirate's Adventure! 

  *Captain Jack Sparrow is in need of help! He needs you to go on a scavenger hunt around adventure Island and get him out of a fix.  During your trip to The Magic Kingdom make sure you stop by the Crew Nest- which is outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Register with the pirate on deck and get your beautiful
treasure map. Follow it on five different hunts, after each one is complete go back to the nest to collect your card. Collect all five cards and get a fast pass! This is free to do, it is
interactive and a great way to kill time between rides or just something fun to do! The pirates can be stingy with giving out more than one map per family so just go up separately this way all the kids can get their own maps!

                                     Jungle Cruise Souvenir
   * Did you know that the Jungle cruise has a cute totally framable map that they just give away! Well, now you do. Go to the kiosk where they check-in for your fast past or walk in the standby line and ask them if they have any maps on hand. It's completely free and very fun! They will even give you another one if you mistakenly put your gum into it thinking it was a napkin. Not that that happened to me...ok it happened to me.

                                   Get a Drivers License and Pilots License!

   *Ok so they won't really let you legally drive a car or pilot a plane but they are really really cute. In Tomorrow Land go to the speedway, at the kiosk where the standby and fast pass entries ark ask the cast members out front if you can get your very own Mickey License. They will either fill out the names on it for you or surrender the pen over so your husband can put a loving message of "we kicked your butt" on your very own keepsake. Yep ladies he is a keeper.
  Ready to take aviation on? Head over to Dumbo and ask the crew members at the kiosk for your pilot's license! They will do the very same thing and maybe laugh when your husband writes that "Jenn is afraid of Dumbo" on yours. He is the worst.

                                   Recipes For Mom And Dad
   *At the customer service desk of any park, they may have some great recipe cards from various restaurants at that park. Take one, or all they have on hand! Pretty neat.

                                   PIXIE DUST
  *Another one for you at the Magic Kingdom. Want some of that crazy pixie dust you see in little princesses and princes' hair but do not want to shell out the coinage to get the kids the updo. Head on over to one of these three places and get some sparkle in that mane!
         *Wait in line for Tinkerbell at the Town Square Theater. She will lay some pixie dust on you!
          *Castle Couture Shop In FantasyLand. Ask one of the Crew Members and they will be happy
to oblige.
           *Harmony Barbershop which is on Main Street right by the Firehouse where you get your         Magic Cards!!!


   Kidcot at Epcot!
             *Kidcot is an area designed in each of the 11 countries of Epcot with the kids in mind. They have a fun little activity station where kids can color, do a traditional craft and even learn a couple of new words! At the gift shop for about $13 you can get a passport and have it stamped at each country at this station. The Cast Member may even write your child's name in that language leave a little note like 'Happy Birthday ' If they are wearing a pin etc. If you do not have the cash to purchase the passport, do not fret! You can make your own and the Cast Member will still stamp it for you! A great immersive experience for the kiddos and adults alike!

      There are plenty of other things that I haven't yet listed but these are ones that are tried and true! Keep coming back for new posts and new freebies! See ya real soon!

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