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Great Stocking Stuffers and Hanukkah Gifts!

We all know that Wreck It Ralph is the hottest new movie right now! For good reason! Well now you can collect your favorite characters, with the Disney's Ralph Breaks The Internet Power Pac Figure 2 Pack-Series 1. Each pack comes with one figures, in a blind box (fancy) they are 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall highly detailed. and comes with a transparent display base. As an added bonus you can add these characters to the  Pac-Man: Ralph Breaks the Maze App for some awesome toy to video game action that I love! Great for stocking stuffers for fans of all ages!

    Who says that Yo-Yo's cannot be customized! With the Hyper Cluster Yo-Yo Starter Pack you can bring this classic toy to the next level! Each set includes a core th
at will either enhance performance in a SPEED, STAMINA, or LOOP category. There are also different Skins to decorate to your liking and make it extra awesome! Each set includes two Stamina Skins, A Control Core with precision bearings, a Cluster Cable and a High Performance yo-yo string! Very neat! 

 Smashy Mashy are new awesome collectibles, That come in a ooze reveal canister (the ooze stays in the packaging parents I know you will be happy with this!) and once opened reveal a squishy buddy, an accessory secret file, sticker and a chain so you can hang it around your book bag! Very fun, and great to be hung in the stockings with care!

Sticky Poop, Yes you are reading that right, and yes you know allllll the kids are going to love it because no matter what one thing remains true. Poop is funny. This emoji styled poop is a tacky mold-able
stress ball that you can fling on the wall and it will stick, which is just kinda hilarious when you thing about it. Great for kids, and for those who while at work wouldn't mind throwing around the sh*t in a semi literal way. This is just a funny little thing that will create a lot of laughs.

Stikbots are not only still around but are better than ever. This Holiday season you can buy a bunch of Stikbot Dino Eggs. Each one includes one species of Dino but hours of imaginative play and various appearances in your child's Stikbot stop motion videos!  Is there anything else to add other than
the obvious- they are awesome!

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