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       This season I have found that interacting coding toys are the best things around. That includes the fantastic new Cubelets Discovery Set.  This is he newest set that is packed to the brim with robot building fun for ages four and up. Which is just fantastic.

 For those of you who are new to the company- Cubelets are palm sized blocks of software filled hardware. Each of the cubes have a different functions which when put together create coding magic!  Coding is not necessarily a new thing in the toy world. However we are coming to a point where it is being conceptualized in a way that makes it user friendly for the whole family at a point price that allows many families able to afford it. This is fanatasitc because I like many other people understand that coding may soon be one of those skills everyone will need to have a general knowledge of.
    With Cubelets you explore different combinations in order to make your robot perform certain skills.  What makes this toy unique is that you  are using your physical building cubes to create that code so it can preform the intended task. Crazy right, it is literally a hands on way to learn code!
Want to hear something even crazier? They are magnetic so there are no screws to attach and detach, no "Mommmmm can you help me" nothing. They can do it all themselves! I think it is just the bees knees.
      The set also includes the Bluetooth Hat which will pair your robot constructions with wireless devices in the surrounding area. Using this feature you can add different abilities via the Cubelets app.
   Speaking of the App. This feature is not needed for all the fun but definitely enhances it. It is, in essence your portals inside the cube! A direct link to the software inside! You can use it to manipulate individual cubes and change your already constructed robot completely.  You can make pre-existing code and store it in the app and then with a touch of a button use the personality swap to change the code 123. There are also attachments that let you add Lego (or off brand Lego) bricks onto your robot making it as creative as you want. Personalizing both what is inside and outside of your robot! It becomes truly your own.
  Sounds pretty fantastic I know, but what I really love- other than just playing around with it, is the fact that it can grow with your child giving him or her years of enjoyment and learning. A Four year old will learn the basics of the Robotics, as well as cause and effect where a 7 and older will learn more about pattern recognition, critical thinking or design and engineering. This is a "toy" that will open up the world to your youngins for years to come. So if you are going for long lasting, educational, fun, and something you can do with your whole family- Look no further it has arrived! Available on Amazon and is on sale right now!

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