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The Reindeer In Here


     Elves on your shelves move over for a new friends The reindeer In Here is the HIT Christmas Item of the season that is absolutely going to be a family favorite for years to come. No Kidding! Where as the Elf is here to keep an eye on you, Reindeer In Here is sent by Santa to get to know each and every child! For your whole season you can take your friend with you and show him all your likes, dislikes, go on adventures and show them what kind of boy or gal you are inside and out!  After all your play during the day the magic happens at night.  That's  when the reindeer will send Santa a Letter a night for a whole month sharing all the amazing adventures you went on. He will tell Ol' Kris Kringle your child's likes, dislikes, personality, EVERYTHING! Helping Santa deliver that one special Christmas Wish on Christmas Eve! Then on Christmas you can leave your Reindeer under the tree to fly back to the North Pole until he returns next year!
    What a nice treat this was to find at TTPM. We have all these little creepy things to spy on the kids, that I find it refreshing that Santa is not sending an undercover agent, but a friend to get to know your child! There are no rules or restrictions for how the kids can interact with him. Which gives them the experience to truly engage with the product and make it their own. It is so well crafted and snugly as well that it will even live through all those adventures and washings if needed!  I am sure my son will not want to let it out of their sight after Christmas- and that is OK! Reindeer In Here also has a bunch of sidekicks that can come along for the fun, including a penguin, snowman, Seal, and a polar bear, that are featured in the story and all have fun personalities.
Reindeer In Here comes in a lovely box that includes his story which is just as lovely as the plush! They will want to read it all season long!
     The Author and creator whom I meet during the TTPM event was so genuine in his love of this product.  When he was speaking with my son about it, I swear his eyes had a little bit of twinkle in them! Who knows he could be the big guy himself! He truly wanted to create a product that the kids would love and they will! So get yourself now before they disappear off the shelf's until next year- because guys... This is going ot be a think. I Guarantee it!

*We were given this product for consideration for review- all our opinions are our own!

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