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Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Review

   The Call of Duty Black Ops Series has been a favorite in our household since its first release, so we were crazy excited for Black Ops 4 which promised to be the best one yet. It did not disappoint even without its usual campaign which has been taken off the roster. With the Battle Royale, which can be played as a lone wolf or as a team, and the zombie mode I hardly even realize  it was gone until I was already playing for weeks. Talking about playing lets ease everyone's minds right off the bat. There is no lagging, there is no glitches and the wait time is really next to nothing. Graphics are of course top notch, and the character movement is smooth as molasses, running, dodging, jumping and hiding with ease. Another thing to note is that The Specialists, Ruin, Battery, Prophet, Seraph and Nomad are back from Black Ops3 with returning characters and new secret weapons as well! These will prove useful as health no longer auto-generates so if you have Crash on your team you will have a bit more ammo and health boost for the whole team. Honestly though after a bit of a play through you won't even notice as the stim shot is unlimited with after the cool-down timer runs through.

   There are ten new maps, and four remastered that fans will appreciate. Each has its own unique settings and are a ton of fun to run through. There are also new objective modes Heist and Control. Control is like a high stakes capture the flag which I always find fun. Heist is a 5v5 mode that has your team stealing a bag of cash before the other team does. You are given money and a weapon to start out with and then can get more cash and resources along the way. Once you get the cash you have to go to the extraction point. I haven't done much with this version but my son has started to really grasp it and get into it so I see myself being less of a noob in the future.
   Then there is the Blackout version, which is the first time Call of Duty has gone into the battle royale arena. I think it was a bloody brilliant idea. As we know that certain other game is hot right now, but also filled with kids! This is a great way for an adult to enjoy this kind of game play with people (for the most part) of their own age. I have been playing it quite a bit and I kinda sucked, not gonna lie, but literally every team I was spawned into were great kind and helpful and it reminded me really why I always enjoy playing these games. The people playing are awesome! Well I guess it figures great minds and all!. Extra bonus there is a zombie location on the map that has some awesome loot if you dare go in there! You can play solo duos or a full team. Its fantastic fit for a fantastic game.

   Speaking of zombies, the zombie mode is kinda cool this time around. They have really made it playable for both old timers and new players alike letting you really customize how you play.  There are three boards, a gladiator arena, which is called Chaos Story, and split into two parts there is also Blood Of the Dead which follows Aether story and the original four characters from the Treyarch's Zombie story, as well as Voyage of Despair on the Titanic. I wonder if I will see Jack there?
   The tutorial is a run through of Voyage of Despair and has great  commentary that is funny and walks you through the basics. Once you go through that successfully you can select the new Rush mode, play classically, and select levels of difficulty which helps me out when playing with the kids, I can set it on causal and look like a "boss". My Hubby is fond of Realistic.
     A new addition is also the create a class option that I have not really figured out yet, but essentially its setting yourself up before hand instead of buying from the gumball machines on the map. You already have made your elixirs, chosen your special before playing. But what is kinda cool is you can actually assign where those perks will spawn on the map. This makes the zombie mode a part of the game that you can really make your own, and you can actually help you grow within the game.
    To sum it up, if you are a fan of the franchise you are going to love the game. The ease of  getting into a match, the fluid movements, the tactical strategies, weapons, and various modes are going to make you wonder why there was even a campaign to begin with! Love it recommend it for our age apporperiate players. Must have, don't wait for Christmas get it now! Great Job Acivision!

*We recieved a code to review, all opinions are our own.

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