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When looking for a karate school for my son, I had a lot of requirements. I wanted a traditional style, classes that encouraged hard work, and a friendly atmosphere for both children and their parents. That is exactly what I found at Adel's International Karate Center. This school teaches traditional Shotokan karate and also offers kids' and adults' fitness classes.  Kids can start at as young as three years old. The teachers are excellent, encouraging the students to work hard while still making it fun for the kids. The owner and his family, who all practice karate, are very kind and welcoming. The instructors ensure that the students are safe and comfortable, they are taught techniques that are effective for self-defense, and emphasis is placed on respect. Classes are offered every day, and the schedule is flexible so you don't have to attend on the same days each time, which makes it extremely convenient. My son has been attending for several years now, and after seeing what a wonderful opportunity it was, I decided to join myself! My son and I enjoy both the karate and fitness classes.  For advanced students, weapons training is also available.  Birthday parties are offered here as well. The first class is a free trial so check it out!

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Adel's International Karate Center
2928 Long Beach Road, Oceanside NY 11572
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