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Days of Pumpkins Past- Last Years Blaze Review

     What a great time we had in Historic Hudson Valley this past Columbus Day weekend!  We arrived on Saturday and enjoyed lunch and a dip in the pool, and prepared ourselves for the night ahead. True to form the Great Pumpkin Blaze was very well organized. We arrived for the 7:30 showing and the parking attendants led us to a spot. We walked through the awesome pumpkin arches and into the tent where we stood in a line that went super fast up to the gates of the BLAZE. That is where they scan your tickets and the tour begins!

    As you walk up the winding path, with mouth open wide letting all the flies in because holy WOW the pumpkins are laid out everywhere!  Funny faces, scary faces, anything you can think of spread across the whole lawn as you make your way over to the house itself all lit up. There was a whole new set up and new additions from last year when we went so it was fresh and new to our eyes. We passed pumpkin tombstones, pumpkin bats hanging from the trees, there was a ghostly bonfire in front of the historic house, and as you waited to go down the path by the house (that is a bit narrow) the pumpkins on the house had timed lighting to the blaze original sound track. Really great. After the bottle neck walkway you encounter a museum of dinosaur bones which was my son’s favorite part hands down. To be perfectly honest every
single part of this event is amazing, but my favorite part was the new grandfather clock that had a pumpkin pendulum swinging back and forth with moving hands, awesome! You walk by an array of pumpkins with Celtic knots carved in them, a gaggle of witches making a brew, zombies and of course spiders, skeletons and a whole bunch more. All in all we spent a little over an hour taking in every single one of these wonderful sculptures all of us ooohhing and ahhhing the way around. You have never seen anything like it and every year we go, we get more and more impressed with what they do.

     The staff is friendly and helpful, guiding the way and sharing a smile with you and the occasional “I know isn't it great!”  The path at some points are very narrow, so if you have a baby carriage, like we did, try and stay in the middle of the path. Also if you have a baby carriage, try not to run over passers by as it is dark so take it slow and steady--the pumpkins will not wilt if it takes you a moment longer to get to the next exhibit. It is dark, so keep your kiddies close, and watch your step.  Remember, slow and steady wins the race! The gift show also has a bunch of great things to buy; my top pick there is the soundtrack to the blaze itself. The music sets the tone for the whole event and I am sure it will be a great accessory for your own Halloween party, and at $8.95 you're not breaking the bank!

     We went home feeling great and satisfied with our experience and are very thankful to Historic Hudson Valley for providing us with the tickets and for just doing such a stand up job with the event itself. In this day and age it is easy to cut corners and make something look bigger than it is, but that is not the case here.  They put in the work, they hire an amazing staff, everyone from the parking attendants to the lovelies holding the flashlights are amazing, and they produce an event that I am proud to promote and happy to attend. THANK YOU and I cannot wait until next year!

The Blaze Runs the First weekend in October to Nov. 17th buy your ticke

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