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The Nibble Caddy By Tottally Franki!

   How did we exist before this awesome invention! Poorly is the answer, This adorable portable nipple holder not only holds the fresh sterile nipples and bands, but also has a separate storage system on the bottom for the dirty nipple and collars. Making it sooo much easier when you are on the go. Now instead of packing several protective containers for the nipples you only need  one or two holders, and the nipple caddy bam! you have enough supplies for six feedings. Great for road trips, visits to grandparents, or just every day on the go traveling. Honestly I am angry I didn't think of it myself! You can buy The Nipple Caddy  for $14.95 and I personally believe that it is worth every dollar. Even for simple storage in my cabinets, it has been a game changer and I think you will feel the same! So run do not walk your fingers over to Amazon where they are ready for purchase!

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