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  Jenga is a favorite pastime in our house, I have had my Nightmare Before Christmas set for ten years and counting- as I know it is in many other households. As board games regain popularity, it is nice to know that our old favorites keep thriving and keep growing- and in Jenga Giants case quite literally!   Bring Jenga off the tabletop and onto the lawn with its newest version ! Yes we are talking about THE largest authentic hardwood Jenga game ever sold and you can have one for your next BBQ.
    At first setup the game starts off at two feet- that is the size of a toddler! With stone cold professionals it can reach the high of FIVE feet! Five! Each one of the 52 Jenga blocks are 15 times the volume of a regular size game piece, think of that. The complete set also includes a hefty carrying case as well as the Jenga SPORTS Tournament Charts for the professional competitor in all of us!
  Now that we have the legalistic's down let me explain to you why you need this is your life. Other than being a five foot Jenga game- which I think everyone needs- this is the perfect game for any outdoor occasion- Kids party, JENGA, BBQ- OK lets play Jenga, oh impromptu gathering by the pool hey lets play some JENGA, Camping? Lets bring JENGA! It's quite simple when you pull out the large orange bag and open it, you are opening a huge bag of fun! The game play is about 15 times more fun because  the higher you go the higher you want to go. A lot of the time you are working WITH each other just so you can see how far you can go before it topples. Oh and the toppling, nothing brings a smile to everyone's face- adults and kids- a like than a tower toppling down.  Even if it also brings the fresh frustration of the loss of the game.
   The funny thing is you would think it would be less difficult to play, being the pieces are larger- at least I did- but that is not the truth is it?  The reality is the weight of the pieces as well as the length give the game the same if not more intense game play that you get with your normal tabletop game version.
   To Actually play the game I suggest a small TV tray type surface. If you place it directly on the ground it is a little to low to bend- for us old folks. as well as protects the pieces from the dew on the lawn.  Also keep in mind that when the Jenga falls- it is HEAVY! Yea five feet of Blocks makes a big boom! So make sure there is plenty of non breakable, all around the area as well!

     I could go on and on, but the truth of the matter is this, if you love Jenga, if you want to play for fun or up your competitive spirit this is the game for you. Since getting it two weeks ago we have played every other day, with repeat players as well as guests dying to play the minute they see it on the lawn. There is something that draws you to it, and that something is just plain fun. Its just fun! So my suggestion, go get it! You have nothing to lose and plenty of smiles and laughter to gain!

This game was given to TMG for the purpose of review- however all opinions are our own

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