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National Geographic Encounter Time Square NY: A Review, A Must SEE

    Have you ever wonder what it felt like to be under the sea? Well with the magic of lights and film you now can experience it- without even getting wet!  The National Geographic Encounter which home is in the fabulous Times Square is the perfect way to spend a jaw dropping afternoon in New York City.

     As you descend the escalator down to the attractions entrance you will be put in a line with numerous giant Nat. Geo. Covers that you can insert yourself in which is quite fun, as are the trivia questions on the various screens all which makes the wait- which is quite brief, enjoyable. The tickets are timed so that the experience is not over-packed and every person can truly enjoy their time under the sea instead of being packed in like a bunch of sardines (see what I did there?).  You will be herded into the introduction room that has various screens with lifelike animations of the under world you are going to be visiting, there your host will give you some facts, some rules and then reminiscent  to Willy Wonka opening up the doors to his chocolate room, the doors will open- but instead of chocolate you will have a feast for your eyes.  All along the floor as well as on the wall you will see as well as feel (with that tricky filming magic)  that you  have been dumped onto the floor of the ocean! There are small gatherings of fish swimming around your feet that scatter when you stomp. The floor with its moving tide makes you feel as if you are being pushed forward and back. Honestly you KNOW you have your feet firmly on the floor, but your mind is still convinced that you are swaying- fantastic!  Guys, I honestly do not know how to express it in words. It left me speechless  Wtith words like ooooh and ahhh and Oh MY GAWD being the only expressions  able to leave my lips. My son had the same reaction all while jumping and splashing around the ocean floor. On the wall you will see schools of various tropical fish as well as sharks which look so realistic you would not even know (if you didn't know, ya know?) that you were looking at digital images instead of a professional aquarium set up. Thinking about it now all I want to do is go back and visit again- it was that amazing.

   At this point in my review- I am torn. For most venues you see I have no issue telling you about all the amazing things you will see inside, but for this particular venue I think I will have to depart from my previous outlines. You see, I do not want to spoil it for you, and I want you to not spoil it for yourself.  I am just SO excited for everyone to see it that I cannot bring myself to go exhibit to exhibit to give it away. So excuse the vagueness, but I promise you it is for the best.

      The part I have shared with you I believe adequately shows what you have in-store for yourself and your family. I will go as far to say that the wonderment extends throughout the entire exploration,  You will find  more of the same visual spectacles as when you first walked in, along with some 3d visuals as well. You will find yourself walking through a coral reef, playing with sea lions and watching an epic submerged battle. On more than one occasion you will literally feel that you are in the water (no no you do not need an umbrella no worries) you will be able to interact with your surroundings, and in a
whole have a wonderful time. So please heed my advice, run do not walk to this amazing exhibit. Be immersed in its magic, and maybe think to yourself- should this be the way we experince aquariums in the future?

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