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Top Three Brands For Back To School!

         Back to school is right around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I am not ready! We had so much fun that I don’t want it to stop. Alas the school bells are calling- but that does not mean that the fun must end! Oh no! We have some fun products that will help you ring in the new school year with happy kiddos and even happier parents!

    We all know that Crayola is what you need when it comes to the best products on the market. So, make sure you stack up on all the classic packs as well as the new silly scents! Yes, these yummy scents are available in twistable crayons, colored pencils, and markers.  With fragrances like cotton candy, root bear and fresh air- my favorite- it will turn any school project into a fun scented experience!

     The key to a successful school year is organization- something this mommy has an issue with- fortunately for my son he won’t with the National Geographic Weird but True Daily Planner! This is the total package when it comes to fun organizing. With a sturdy cover that will last the whole year through- every day is filled with a fun fact- that is indeed weird and yet upon googling at X’s insistence is also true. There is amble room for all the days to-do’s homework assignments, after school activities, reminders as well as scribble room. Because we all know that we can doodle away the day as well! There is also homework help in the back and fun activities that your child may want to do more than their math homework- I know I would! We absolutely love it and have been using it every day for the last month to get in the routine of checking and marking off things that we had to do. My son wakes up every day and opens it up, runs on over to share his fun fact and then looks at what we have planned. It is a great way to start your kid on a organizational path that I have been hiding from my whole life!
    Another great item form National Geographic is the United States Beginners atlas! You cannot believe the amount of time your child will spend thumbing through the pages learning about states he or she have never been too. Or following family members who are traveling around the county and seeing exactly where they are. Great for all ages, but especially those who are just starting out learning about the country- this is a fun and useful tool that will have your child learning and having fun at the same time!

      With all the school supplies we have these days, labeling can not only be tedious, but can also be a job in itself.  Mabels Labels has a HUGE supply of durable, labels that can be customized to any name! That’s right no more roaming through the shelves praying to the company gods to see if your
son or daughters name made it on the list. Not only that the designs are adorable. New this year are Emoji and Hello Kitty- which will make sure to make a statement on your child’s supplies, as well as make them easy to spot out from everyone else’s items.  Now these labels will last you the whole year through. They are dishwasher safe- so you can put them on lunch boxes and sandwich cases, microwave safe and most importantly waterproof.  No ripped or peeling labels on your kid’s water bottle- oh no.

    The character labels are wonderful and fun at that, but my favorite in the line must be the customization allergy alert labels. You can choose from several common allergies. One of our little ones has a peanut allergy so this option really stood out to me. With the the bold red and white personalized labels I no longer must worry about her picking up the wrong lunch box. As an added bonus, it will also notify the aids on shift that she has an allergy. It is amazing how much that put my mind at ease- knowing that everything she took with her from book-bag to snack cup- there would be no mix ups, no confusions all because of these amazing little labels. I didn’t even know how tense I was about it until I labeled everything and the tension just left my shoulders. Best part is our little girl loves them as well because now she doesn’t have to tell everyone as she says- “it is
printed on everything already!”

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