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Girlz N Dollz: A Review

   Girlz N Dollz line of plush rag dolls are one of the cutest series of affordable plush's I have seen in a long while.  We received Jumbo Leila Princess Doll- from the "Jumbo" line of Girlz N Dollz. Leila is perfectly fitted in her pink dress and not only looks good but is soooo soft to the touch!  The creator of the line is in love with both dolls and fashion and with the help of her own little girl created a line that reflected that the mantra of their line  "I AM ME"
   This doll makes me fell like a kid again, I can just picture myself receiving this as a gift and carrying her around on adventures all the while still being able to cuddle up with her to sleep at the end of the day. Leila, like all the dolls in the line is machine washable, which helps because she will absolutely be going off on adventures your little ones and what is a adventure without a little mess!

  Girlz and Dolls did not reduce detail just because they wanted to make  a soft plush.  The clothing is beautiful and durable. The hair soft as a blanket but sturdy enough to be carried around by it.  The faces are beautifully embroidered and friendly.  Not like other dolls, you know  what I am talking about. Those dolls have that scary empty look to them, the ones you do not want to find in a dark empty room at 1am- yea you won't find any of those in this line. Every piece on this doll is made with a high quality standard plush that allows you to keep the appeal of a plush without losing that uniqueness of an actual doll.  `

  My final verdict- you cannot go wrong when you have Girlz N Dollz in your corner. They have small dolls, jumbo dolls, mermaids, and even a boy doll! You will find exactly what you are looking for and your child will find a friend for life!

I was given this toy to review, however the opinions are my own

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