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Oscar's Oasis Is A Not To Miss Show Coming To Netflix!


    There is a great new show coming to NETFLIX that is going to make your kids go insane! Oscar's Oasis is a wonderfully funny non-verbal cartoon series from TeamTO-a fairly new-est 2005- french production company that really does amazing work.
    In Oscar's Oasis, you follow desert-dwelling animals Oscar the Lizard and Popy the fox go on crazy action packed adventures. In the hard to survive environment these two main characters are always competing for resources and for entertainment! Follow them as they fight against environmental elements, foes, and sometimes friends in a beautifully animated series that is sure to keep you, and your chidren entertained. The best part of the show however is that will no language whatsoever the point is clear. In life you have obstacles you need to overcome, but with a little determination, some laughs and some friends there is nothing you cannot do! We give this a "million thumbs up" according to the five kids we watched it with- aged from 1-7!

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