Sorry For the Delay....

   The week before Christmas we were invited to the grand opening of Camelbacks new Galactic Snow Tubing! This new snowtastic adventure is running throughout the winter season and is not to be missed! As always Camelback is always looking to step up their amenities game- which is already amazing (read our full review here) and has really hit the mark with this new nighttime treat!
    Take the complimentary bus-that runs every fifteen minutes from the resort to the bottom of the hill. There you will find a fantastic indoor/outdoor eatery, fire pits, oh and 42 lightning- fast lanes to fly down-alone or with a partner- amongst the night time sky and an amazing soundtrack and light show!
    Snow Tubing is about as much as I can do in the snow- it is a fact universally known to my family that the minute I see snow, well I fall. No joke I look at it, and somehow my feet just give up on me and I fall down. So all I have every really done is snow tubing, which after a while can be pretty bland. So when Camelback offered this new feature I was all about it! The opening ceremony included a very Galactic Lightsaber battle which we all enjoyed but what was even cooler, the ride itself! You take one of two Magic Carpet Lifts up to the top of the mountain, which was a ride in itself, it was a walking sidewalk going up- super neat. Then we hopped in a tube and flew down the mountain with enough speed to be fun, but not so much where you were terrified- perfect. The music playing as well as the strobing lights just added to the excitement. Think of an outdoor club- only cooler because you don't have to dance!

   You can race other participates, or just enjoy a romantic ride for two- there is no wrong way! A perfect way to spend one of your nights at Camelback Resort before heading back into the water park or hitting the sac to go back on the mountain the next day. Honestly there was not one thing wrong with it- and I believe it will be a truly fun addition to your stay at the resort!

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