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Mommy's Guide To GIfts! Park One!


     It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas- well not really. Currently it is in the 60’s here in NY, but I know that your wallet is starting to feel a little lighter.  So what should you buy? There is a wide variety of toys out there- and some of them are really great- others, well we will not discuss the other ones. We here at TMG have been working since Sept to wade through the piles and bring you the best of the best toys to put under your tree. I know- it was quite a sacrifice! So with no further ado- here is The Mommy’s Guide 2016 Top Toys of the Season!


                                                             Part 1!
1-Tsum Tusm Advent Calendar. The world of TSUM TSUM is filled with Disney adorableness that everyone loves. No really its becoming a craze. These collectables are on every kids wish list this year, so whoever came up with the brilliant idea of putting them in an advent calendar should get a raise. This Gingerbread themed box comes with 24 windows that hold a new stackable Tsum Tsum surprise for each day leading up to Christmas! On sale at Walmart right now for the low price of $24.99 Each calendar comes with 6 large figures, with 6 holiday head pieces, 6 medium figures in holiday attire and six small figures with six holiday themed stackable accessories. Your child will be super excited to come home every day from school and open up a new window to add to their collection. Honestly I am surprised it has made it on our shelf this long without being opened, by myself. Have I mentioned I am a huge Tsum Tusm fan?My kid is lucky if he sees any of these!

2-Crayola Products
                Nothing says fun like Crayola- it is just a fact. From 0-99 everyone loves getting a Crayola product and this year is no different! Crayola has a variety of products that will have you kids not only sitting quietly- plus for parents- but some of them will leave your living room clean as well. No really I mean it!
     Although one of the perks of being a child is being able to make a mess and not be plagued with a stomach full of dread at the thought of cleaning up that mess, as parents, we tend to try to keep the destruction of our house down to a minimum.  With the Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free sets-available now- that is no longer an issue. Like magic the Mess Free Color wonder line lets your child be creative without ruining your couch, or floors, or curtains or, rug, or…….. Ok I think you got the idea. This line of creative products has specially made markers that only work on the color wonder coloring pages.
     So when your child comes into the kitchen while you are cooking and says a parents most hated words “Mommy I am bored.” you now have a secret weapon- FINGER PAINTING!
    At the mere mention of the words finger and paint your child’s face lights up with shock and joy- you never let them finger paint, especially no unsupervised and on the carpet- well baby it’s a whole new world!  Now you can continue what you are doing and let your kids paint without worry because the amazing Color Wonder Finger-paints!  
    The Color Wonder Finger-paints comes in a fun hand shaped container, each fingertip holding a color and work only on Color Wonder Paper! Giving your child the real feel effect of finger paint while not ruining any of
your precious and expensive belongings! This was by far my favorite activity to do with my son when he was in the two or three age range- and has stayed with us in to our five and sixes. He loves to draw and create his “masterpieces” (they are getting better….) anywhere and everywhere so this kit is a must have in our house!
      The finger-painting is my favorite product in the line, but there is a HUGE variety of mess free fun available to you including your character licensed sets (available now for $7.97 at Walmart!) These 18 page booklets are filled with all your child’s favorite characters, including the ever popular paw patrol, Frozen and Finding Dory. They come with five Color wonder markers, that only draw on the Color Wonder Paper so you are always able to color wherever you go!
    We all know that organization the key to any on the go events when you have little ones in tow, so the Color Wonder Stow and Go is exactly what you need! Perfect for mess free fun on the go, the Stow & Go (Stu-Stu) Studio is a great travel tote that not only holds your markers and activity books, but also makes it easy to use anywhere you go! The tote doubles as a writing surface and the separate storage areas from markers and activity books lets your kids change their colors without a problem! We love using it on long road trips, and is perfect for your holiday car rides! The set even comes with a coloring book and four mess free markers! You are all set!
       As we all know, Crayola is not just about coloring, it is about creating. So for the older kids in your life we have two amazing products that will keep their creativity up while the snow pours down!
    The Crayola Jewelry Maker is a great way for your children use their imagination to created custom gel charms, key chains room décor and of course je
welry!  All your children need to do is pick a mold and let their imagination go wild! You can add glitter, confetti, charms, to the gel that you mix yourself and in thirty minutes you have a completed project that will brighten any room or outfit!  The set comes complete with everything you need to start from the minute you open the box, with plenty of gel solution, glitter, confetti, mixing bots, 24 charms, clasps beads, a work station with storage and activity mat, the magic happens immediately!
     The set was really easy to use, and my nieces absolutely loved mixing the gel and making the charms with anything they could think of! We made a bunch of Christmas themed items to give to their family as well as some emoji fashioned ones for their book bag. This was not all in one sitting either. They have come back to the set more than once and are looking for refillable sets under their Christmas tree to continue with their creations.

      Expanding Crayola’s amazing Color Alive product line, the new Star Wars Virtual Design Pro is a perfect addition to any Star War lover’s collection.  The set comes in a Galactic Star Wars themed cased and includes everything you need to bring your favorite Star Wars Battle ship to life in your own unique way. With 12 colored pencils, and 12 thin markers, along with a forty-page book, you can finally design the star-ships the way you want! Just color in the outline included, then using the free downloadable app upload your picture and bring it to life! Then when that is completed use your very own star-ship to complete mini missions that are included in the app itself. I cannot tell you what fun me and my husband alone had whilst designing our own Millennium Falcon- mine was bright pink!
    This is a really great way to get your kids drawing. The theme will interest any future Jedi- and they will really embrace the fact that now they can personalize it just the way they like it.  The app is easy to use and really has that WOW factor, the fact that you can even run your ship through a few courses just adds a little something special to the product- I know we got a big kick out of it. Once again I have nothing but praise for the Color Alive Line, I love it, I cannot see how anyone else would not!

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