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      It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas- and this time it really is- we have some wonderful snowflakes coming down from the sky, and then promptly melting, which is my favorite type of snow. I know that your wallet is starting to feel more than a bit lighter at this point- so we have some more options for affordable toys! We here at TMG have been working since Sept to wade through the piles and bring you the best of the best toys to put under your tree. I know- it was quite a sacrifice! So with no further ado- here is The Mommy’s Guide 2016 Top Toys of the Season!

                                                    Part Two!

      Who says learning cannot be fun! Here we have some really fun ways to keep the kiddos occupied and learning without them even knowing! Listed here we have three, amazing tools to keep the fun, but also the education alive in your kids this holiday season, LeapFrogs Leap Start System, School Zone Counting Money game, and Playroom Prep.


   Playroom Prep is a wonderful interactive book that is filled with various ways to learn before going into the kindergarten classroom with confidence.  This wonderful learning system introduces the fundamentals of the curriculum to preschoolers through a colorful 22-page dry erase book.  Each page has an activity that supports what they learn in Pre-school.  They will connect the dots to form a straight line, start to identify letters, colors and numbers by sight as well as beginning to learn the proper way of writing them.  They will also continue to learn how to hold a writing tool correctly in their little hands- something my son had an issue with, and work on focusing on one task at a time. 
     Created by a teacher who wanted a child to have all the basic skills to start school with knowledge on their side, and an air of confidence.  She believed that no child should walk into kindergarten without having at least an idea of all the fundamentals that they will learn in Kindergarten.
    I personally think this is a fun way for the kids to learn. The pages are colorful and catch the eye- the “lessons” do follow the same curriculum of my son’s pre-school here in NY, and I love the fact that it is dry erase, so a child does not feel the pressure of doing it right the first time. They can try it out and practice as many time as they like. Although suggested for the kiddos to start before pre-school, I would suggest making sure your child shows an interest before doing so.  Your child will be starting their lessons soon enough, and this book, I believe, is a great addition to the pre-set curriculum of their teacher, and a way to keep them interested in learning on the days they are not in the classroom.   For children 3 and up, this is a great tool to continue the learning process outside of pre-k and an adorable present for the holidays! 

         You guys may remember during the summer when I was invited to the Leap Frog showcase- or you may not- either way the Leapfrog Leap Start System was by far my favorite product of the new line.

       This system is not digital, but gives you everything any of these learning apps would give you and more without the ever imposing screen. For ages 2 -7 this interactive learning system will get kids excited to learn everything from ABC’s to STEM fundamentals in a truly fun way.
    So how does this work? Easily.  The system is based on three key components, the book holder, the books and the stylus. The book holder and stylus come in two styles-one that is built for the tinnier hands of pre-school-kindergarten students. This version has a chunkier appearance, and a
wider stylus that helps your child learn how to grip a writing tool correctly, as well as folds up and is easier to carry for that age range. The older looking version has a sleeker almost laptop look to it and thinner stylus- that appeals to the older kids, however both work with all the books in the line- so you never have to replace the case itself unless you want to. Read our full review here!


        School Zone is another great company that produces fun and educational toys and games.  The Counting Money learning kit will have your kids adding those dollar and cents before you know it!  Offering multiple ways to learn, this kit has four
game boards,  Lotto, Tic- Tac- Toe, Go Fish, and Memory match that all are geared towards memorizing not only the look but the amount of each coin and paper amount.  There are coin pieces to play with, quiz cards and a good old fasion pencil to paper “learning pad” or workbook.  This is a set that can be customized to your circumstances. You can play as a family, or your child can play alone. The box works both as storage and a carrying case, so you can take it with you or leave it at home.  I have not seen any product like this on the market when it comes to learning money amounts and we have not only had a blast playing with it, but now my son knows exactly what to steal out of my wallet to make up the $15 dollars for a new Skylander.

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