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Call Of Duty Dragonfly Drone Available ONLY at Walmart

         I may not know a lot but I do know this. Drones and Call of Duty are both awesome- that is why the pairing (exclusively at Walmart) is a SURE WAY to make your kid do that high pitch scream, that we all aim for, this holiday season!
    Every Sunday Night for as long as I can remember my friends and I play COD online on our Xbox’s. For two hours no matter where we are in the country or sometimes the world, we all get together and try to destroy each other- or sometimes we may even be on the same team. It has been a tradition that we have shared now for now for many years. I am pretty awful at it, which I am reminded by the fact that they say I am pretty awful at it all the time- SO I CANNOT WAIT TO SHOW THEM MY NEW DRONE AND NOT SHARE IT WITH THEM!

   I am joking clearly… actually no I am not-but that is beside the point. This drone is awesome.   We have covered a few drones here at TMG but never one on this level.  Great for a pilot of any skill level, the Dragonfly Drone uses six-axis gyroscope, making it easier to control-  it was so easy to move in the air you would think I was a pro from the very first time I switched it on and the truth of the matter is I usually crash these things in less than five seconds.  It also sports three speeds, an automatic landing and take-off feature, and the amazingly impressive one key return button that will send the drone back to you automatically. I love using this and then pretending that I am the one flying it. My kids crack up.
       Another really amazing feature is that you can sync the drone to Wi-Fi (via the remote) and you can take photos and record video from the drone’s camera. (remember to use this feature for good and not evil) which you can view with a free downloadable app- it’s really cool especially when you use it with the orbital mode where it rotates in a 16 ft. orbit around a fixed point. When you are up in the country it can give you the most breathtaking view.  You can also do a huge array of tricks including 360 flips, as well as using it to scout out your friends when you are having a nerf battle in the yard. Which is totally something I have done several times and have regretted nothing! Tell me I stink at COD will ya!

      The Dragonfly is amazingly light, which means it can do a variety of tricks that the heavier models cannot do- it also means it is more agile and less likely to break when used with care. Perfect for kids aged 14 and up, or for me- the Call of Duty Dragonfly Drone is available only at Walmart and will be the perfect gift for any fan of the franchise! I love mine!

    I have received this product for review- however all opinions are my own.

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