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Tucker Toys Trick Shot Review And Video!


       Trick Shot sports is a great line of indoor toys made by Tucker Toys that lets you play your favorite sports all year long!  The Trick Shot Action Dudes come in soccer, basketball, hockey, football and basketball. All are made with playable rubber and are the tools you use to make the ultimate “trick shot”.  You hold your figure in one hand, and attach the ball (of any sport) securely into the peg. Once inserted, all you have to do is use the pull tab to pull back and let go to release the ping pong type ball.
    This toy is just a tool for your child to utilize their environment and imagination to make the ultimate obstacle course in order to make that perfect shot.  An hour can easily go by just to set up your shot, and another to try it out, and make adjustments. We had tons of fun doing just that on this rainy day! There are no rules with Trick Shot, no instructions, leaving your child with the freedom of creating not only an obstacle course, but giving them leave to create their own games which was something I really enjoyed. Great for ages five and up there are two ways to purchase. One has just the Trick Shot Action Dude with the ball that represents the sport of their choice. Or a set which includes Action Dude, ball, and coinciding play piece. For instance, the basketball set comes with a small hoop- the soccer set comes with a goal etc. etc. The price ranges from $6.99-$9.99 and they are available now at Toys’R Us. I can see this being a great stocking stuffer for this upcoming holiday season!

   Thank you Tucker Toys for letting us check out these awesome toys! Have your own Trick Shot? Show us Here is our favorite!

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