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Creative Galaxy Season Two Now Streaming!

      Creative Galaxy Season Two is NOW streaming on Amazon Prime! Actually it has been up for about a month so I am a little late to the party- however you know what they say- better late than never! X and my niece Little Ms. S were absolutely enthralled with this series from the moment I turned it on! Little Ms. S was already well versed in the Creative Galaxy universe. Exclaiming “oh I love this show!” when I turned on my Amazon Fire Stick. “I watch it on my pad (meaning her kindle fire) all the time!” I asked her why she loved it so much and she said “because it has music, fun characters and art. ART YOU CAN DO!” Right there- that enthusiasm for a cartoon- which we all know there are a million of- is more of a testament to the show and its content than anything I could write. That won’t stop me though.

      If you are unfamiliar with the series, it follows the adventures of Arty and his sidekick Epiphany who are aliens that roam around the galaxy to solve problems they are having. How do they solve those problems you ask? Only in the best way ever- ART! Yep that is right, every episode gives you a glimpse into the world of art, showing your child creative ways to solve problems.  Arty and Epiphany show that everything in the galaxy can be viewed as art. From food to a house- art is everywhere, and can be created by anyone with anything! One important factor about the show is that it does NOT promote perfectionism. This is something- especially when creating art pieces- so important for the kids to embrace. In a world of Common Core where you are tested and retested and everything is about statistics, even in art- having beloved characters telling you to embrace mistakes is huge. The most important thing is that they love what they are doing and enjoy the process.
     Each episode has a project done by real kids that is competed during a segment.  X was watching the second episode in the second season which has them making a “tooth buddy” and he immediately was like can we make that? And wrote down a shopping list of things we need. This kid who I can hardly get to draw now wants to make a tooth buddy his second episode in. I LOVE the impact it has on my son, and I am sure you will love how it impacts yours as well.
    This series is an Amazon Prime Kids Original and is available for unlimited streaming on any Prime supported device. It is an exceptional addition to Prime who are now making original programing for both the adults and kiddos. I cannot wait to see how the rest of this season goes- and what amazing creations we will be inspired to do after each show!

*We were asked to review this show but were not compensated in any way. All opinions are our own, if we do not like it we do not write about it!

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