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       Isn't living in NY swell? We have everything at our fingertips. A whole array of amazing activites, art and history that are literally just a train ride away! This summer why don't you check out what the New York Hall of Science has to offer! I remember going there as a child with my father and being tottally dumbstruck at all the amazing exhibits it has to offer. This year I cannot wait to bring my family over there to experience it for themselves, and to relive some of those childhood memories on my own.

   "The New York Hall Of Science offers a hands-on approach that explains science, technology, engineering and math programming to children of all ages.
    Their permanent exhibit, Connected Worlds, is a fully immersive, digitally rendered, interactive display. Visitors explore the interdependence of six environments and interact with creatures, trees and plants within each atmosphere. Through gestures and movements, visitors learn the core principles of sustainability and see the impact of human decisions on the environment." Doesn't that seem a lot better than just sitting infront of yet another screen for the day? The NYHOS is located Flushing Meadows Corona Park and is easily accessible for those in the city as well in the Island, so go on and take a look! Tell us what you think!

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