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TMNT Meets Big Wheels! Our Review!


     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Big Wheel Turtle Racer is another great item that we received from Jakks Pacific! Recieving this in the mail brought back instant memories of riding around when I was a child I felt like I owned  streets (or in my case my driveway).  Now our kids can bring out their own adventures in their very own Big Wheels. Back in our day (as my bff Peter always like to say) our Big Wheels were a nice bright yellow and red, but now your children can have the same adventures with their very own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed ride! This TMNT Green BW has a 16-inch front wheel that helps your child pedal like the speed demon they are, has cool sticker graphics (that you need to place on) and an adjustable seat so it can grow with your child!  

   Perfect for new riders, or experts the age range is  3-8 years old or up to 70 pounds, and it rides just as smooth as I remember. Not that I got on it – although I may have tried- it was a blast to see my son weaving in and out of obstacles like I did as child. He dressed up as his favorite turtle and rode around stopping Shredders minions the infamous Foot Soldiers and if you can believe it even pretended to be delivering pizza! This is THE PERFECT thing for summer days or late summer evenings, filled with playing with the kids on the block and riding around while looking for fire flies. Can you feel the nostigia? I certainly can! We loved it and we think you will too!

**We recieved this item from Jakks Pacific for review, however as always our opinions are our own. If we do not like it we will not write about it! Our opinions CANNOT be bought! Thank you so much for letting us try this amazing product!***

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