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The Secret Life Of Pets Walking Talking TOYS! Our Review!

                           The Secret Life Of Pets Walking Talking TOYS!
                                             Presented by Spin Master Toys! 

      The Secret Live of Pets which comes out on July 8th- is sure to be a huge hit with the whole family. I have only seen sneak peaks and I cannot wait to check the movie out myself!  Spin Master Toys has a great line of toys that will help your kids bring the magic of the feature into your home and in their imaginations!  The Secret Life of Pets Walking talking Pets is a line that includes your favorite characters, Mel, Gidget, Snowball and Max! Each one is about 8 inches tall, made of sturdy but not abrasive plastic and is a perfect likeness to the stars on the screen. Yea, Yea, that is all well and good- but the best part is they all say unique catch phrases from the movie, as well as a unique movement.  Max is super adorbs, as he barks, screams out ball! And bounces around in true
puppy style! Gigdet (my favorite) is fast and furious and asks if “what are you doing today” says how luck she is to find you, and is just a total sweat heart!  The enraged Snowball is not all sweetness as he looks- he has battle cries like “to the sewers!” and scoots around on the rotator’s on his bottom while carrying his carrot! While lovable Mel shoots out jokes and bounces around- I love him!

     All of the characters are well made, and have tons of fun backed into each figure. Your kids will enjoy the actions they produce- as well as just playing with them like any other action figure! The battle life lasts a long time as my son
and his friends has been playing with them since we received them a month ago and they are still going on strong. They have been dropped and flung and can take a lickin and keep on tickin as they say. That alone says a lot about the quality that Spin Master puts into the toys their produce.   If your child is a fan- and they will be -of the movie these guys are available at Target, as well as Toys’R Us and retail between $9.99 and $12.99. They will love them! 

   For the full line of secret life of pets toys check out our guide!

*We have received these toys for review purposes, however all opinions are our own- if we do not like an item we do not write about them! Our reviews CANNOT be bought! 

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