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Rainy Day Sun Catcher Project!

What a fun looking project! I cannot wait for it to rain now! -MJ

    Summer vacation is upon us. Even if you have your kids signed up for camps, sports, and learning programs, there’s bound to be a rainy day or two. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself with a full house and nothing to do.

Don’t panic - file away this fun, easy kid’s suncatcher craft that requires nothing but household items: water, Epsom salt, and a plastic lid.

 Kids Suncatcher Craft


Measuring cup
Epsom salt
Microwaveable dish
Clear, plastic lid

Heat ¼ cup of water in the microwave for 30 seconds
Add in ¼ cup of Epsom salt
Stir until the salt crystals have dissolved
Pour mixture onto the plastic lid (just enough to cover the bottom)
Let sit by a window overnight
When completely dry, cut a small hole near the edge of the plastic lid
Tie string through the hole
Hang in window!

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