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LifeStraw GO: Providing Clean Water for EVERYONE!


      LifeStraw Go is a great product that is ready to produce clean water for you no matter what adventure you go on! This portable water bottle has its own 2-stage filtration system that makes water from any source delicious just by sipping it! The water bottle uses replaceable activated carbon capsule that reduces chlorine, organic chemical matter and makes it taste great for up to 26 gallons!  The advanced fiber membrane technology uses, removes waterborne bacteria and protozoa and 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, including E-coli. This is literally the perfect portable water system for the adult adventurer or for the kids on the playground! No longer will moms say NO to their kids using the park water fountain. With their LifeStraw all they have to do is fill up the bottle and it is ready to drink.  Our family have been using it for over a month now and I have to say no matter where the water  comes from it will tastes great- fresh and crisp, and as we know will be safe to
    The bottle is available in five colors and also comes with a clip that can hang on any backpack, or diaper bag. The bottle itself is also no heavier than any other refillable plastic bottle, which only adds to the pros. You would think with such a highly advanced filtration system it would be bulky but it really is not, which was very surprising to me.  I also love the fact that the filtration is in the straw itself- which is why I believe it is not extremely heavy.  The fact that the filtration is replaceable is also very convenient as you will want this by your side at all times!
    The company also has a mission- other than providing clean water for all of us- it donates one bottle for a school child in a developing country so that they too can have clean water to enjoy. This is one of those rare products that is so small, but makes a HUGE difference in the world. Imagine everyone being able to drink safe clean water just by filling up a water bottle. The fact that this is now available is truly astounding and I am so happy to have been given the chance to try it out and let you guys know about this wonderful company.

   The Lifestraw Go with Two Stage Filtration is retailed at $49.95 and the water filter replacement is $19.95. Well worth the money when you think about all the plastic water bottles you buy, and the knowledge that no matter where you go- you will have clean water to drink.

  To learn more, or to buy a LifeStraw of your own Please visit their official website.

 * We were given this item for review, however as always if we do not like it we will not review it! Our reviews CANNOT be bought! Thank you so much to LifeStraw for giving us the chance to review their amazing product! 

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