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Indoor Summer Toys To keep The Kids Occupied!

                        Rainy Day Actvities And Toys For The Summer! 


     It is an unfortunate fact of life that even in the summer there is always the chance of rain.
In fact, as I am typing the clouds are rolling in, and I am starting to hear the rumbling of thunder inching closer and closer. I personally love summer storms. Before I had a child it meant a long day in bed watching truly horrible (or academy acclaimed) movies and snuggling with my dog. Now that I have the little guy to entertain, I need some back up. Thank goodness I am well supplied.


      First on my list is Crayola.  I mean really I could just put that word there and do a mic drop, and everyone would slap their heads and be like DUH- we need to buy some crayons and 3d color books etc etc. However, I want to point out some truly fun items Crayola has for us this summer and for the upcoming school year that will help you get through the rain a little bit easier!
  Crayola Shopkins washable stampers and crayons will surely make the lines fans go crazy! The stampers add a bit of flare to their creations while the crayons with the shopkins labels will be a must have for all collectors! While we are on licensed items- we also have Finding Dora Markers and
crayons now available for everyone (even moms) and are adorable! I always find it amazing that everyone- including adults- always get so excited about a brand new box of Crayola Crayons- slap on a character on the box and creative tools and the crowd literally goes wild!
   Crayola Model Magic- is almost magical when it comes to play or molding dough.  The secret compound makes this product, insanely lightweight, non-crumbling (is that a word?)  it does not stick to the skin or any surfaces. With a variety of colors your child can create anything that they can imagine! When they are done with their creation you simply leave it out to dry for 24-36 hours and their
masterpiece will be dried to perfection! You can leave it as is- or add paint to make their vision into a reality! Really a wonderful project that can help keep the hours of rain at bay- or can even be used for those tedious school projects that will arise!
Doodle Scents are a line of smelly markers (in a good way) that brings every parent instantly back to their childhood. With flavors like pizza and popcorn, Crayola has put a modern twist on the classic marker that is so much fun! Once you hand your child the markers they will be occupied for at least 20 minutes with just smelly all the flavors, then inspiration will kick in and beautiful masterpieces (at least to your child and your eyes) will arise!
   One other truly awesome product is the Crayola Window Crayons. I wish I had these when my kid was in his two’s where he did in fact color on every window- however better late than ever! These crayons let your child make beautiful artwork on your windows, which they will get a huge kick out of. I mayself envision creating a stain class window out of them- if only I could draw lol- maybe one day! X got a HUGE kick out of these and every window now has some sort of superhero scene on them. All I have to do
to get rid of it is to get a wet cloth with a bit of soap or Windex and BAM windows are cleaned.  It’s a great way for your child to express themselves in an artistic way and also a wonderful way to remember to clean ones’ window’s! It is a win win!

                                           Zing StikBots
   We all know that here at The Mommy’s Guide we are a huge fan of the toy company Zing. They are solely dedicated to creating amazing durable products that are in the simplest of terms- fun.   This holiday season Zing is on everyone's must have list with their new line of at home animation toys Stikbots. Zing has created an amazing product that is the first of its kind as a media sharing toy. This simplistic looking little guys are bringing forth not only the fun but the creativity of your child through stop motion.

  A long long time ago before the age of smartphones and tablets (a time my son believes does not exist) stop motion was a fine art that were limited to only those that could afford buying the equipment.   Now with Stikbots and their super easy to use app anyone can literally put their imagination in motion and post it for the world to see.  Think about that- that is huge!  
    Stikbots can be moved easily to mimic human motion with their super flexible limbs- and suction cups.  Make them leap tall buildings with a single bound- break dance to the hottest song, or steal your sisters candy. It's all achievable with the uber user friendly app that lets you learn the art of stop motion in just a few steps.
      After your setup your first scene snap your first picture. The app will save it to your movie roll while leaving a ghost image on the screen.  This helps you set up your next movement so it is perfectly in line with your previous movement, making for flawless transition on your video! The app also lets you speed up or slow down your movie add music or dialog with ease and auto fixes any flaws within the take.  
      This toy was already on our Holiday Must Have List- but has since improved- if that is even possible, and now has green screen feature. Perfect for the little movie makers in your life the box now turns into a fully functional green screen with an updated app to use it to its full ability! The Stikbots have also changed from see through to solid colors to help enhance the green screen effect, but other than that the process is still simple, the idea is still amazing, and the outcome is amazing.  What a great way to spend a rainy afternoon- instead of watching a movie you can make one! WE LOVE ZING!

                                             Curious Chef Prep Kit! 

          Another amazing way to spend an afternoon is to teach your child how to cook properly!
Alright ladies and gents calm down- I understand that cooking with little one is dangerous, I mean I didn’t let my son use the stove until he was at least two... (kidding, kidding). Nevertheless, it is very important to teach our children all fundamentals in life, and cooking is one of them.  There is a great company out there called Curious Chefs that have a variety of child safe cooking utensils that are PERFECT for any young aspiring chefs!  We have received the 6 Piece Veggie and Fruit Prep kit and used it one afternoon to make a wonderful fruit salad! The kit includes, The Curious Chef nylon plastic knife- which is amazing it cuts food and not skin- and that is the truth! A silicone mixing spoon, an awesome apple shaped slicer with oversized handle, a vegetable scrubber with frap top, a fruit and vegetable peeler that includes a peel guard so no cuts there, a melon baller and a grocery list!

                                     Angry Birds Games TNT invasion

        Unless you have lived underneath a rock you have heard of a little thing called Angry Birds.   What started out as a app has turned into a phenomenon- its most recent move, a movie movie! Spin Master has come out with a line of great games with the characters of the movie doing what they do Read our full review here! 
best- being flung into the air and defeating those evil Piggies!   With the TNT Invasion Game play as your favorite explosive Angry Bird- Bomb while he tries to take down the Piggies invasion of their wonderful Island.  The set comes with Bomb, two Pigs, six boxes of TNT two planks three ladders, one little piggie house (see what I did there) two barrels and one TNT sign as well as a sling shot.  Set up the pieces any which way you want, and then send Bomb soaring through the air and destroy it over and over again. Honestly this never gets old.  It’s kind of like Jenga but instead of trying not to knock it down your goal is to knock it down, and honestly isn’t that the best part?

                             The Secret Life Of Pets Walking Talking Toys! 

     The Secret Live of Pets which comes out on July 8th- is sure to be a huge hit with the whole family. I have only seen sneak peaks and I cannot wait to check the movie out myself!  Spin Master has a great line of toys that will help your kids bring the magic of the feature into your home and in Read our full review! 
their imaginations!  The Secret Life of Pets Walking talking Pets is a line that includes your favorite characters, Mel, Gidget, Snowball and Max! Each one is about 8 inches tall, made of sturdy but not abrasive plastic and is a perfect likeness to the stars on the screen.

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