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Curious Chef Veggie and Fruit Prep Kit!

   It is time for our children to start cooking!  (Parents rebel and yell at me) Alright ladies and gents calm down- I understand that cooking with little ones is dangerous, I mean I didn’t let my son use the stove until he was at least two... (kidding, kidding). Nevertheless, it is very important to teach our children all fundamentals in life, and cooking is one of them.  There is a great company out there called Curious Chefs that have a variety of child safe cooking utensils that are PERFECT for any young aspiring chefs!  We have received the 6 Piece Veggie and Fruit Prep kit and used it one
afternoon to make a wonderful fruit salad! The kit includes, The Curious Chef nylon plastic knife- which is amazing it cuts food and not skin- and that is the truth! A silicone mixing spoon, an
awesome apple shaped slicer with over-sized handle, a vegetable scrubber with frap top, a fruit and vegetable peeler that includes a peel guard so no cuts there, a melon baller and a grocery list!
   We went out and got all the fruits that my son could imagine, came home, washed them all, peeled pears, and apples, cut them up, and used the awesome apple cutter.  He used the knife to cut some grapes, and we got some cantaloupe and used the baller- which I believe was his favorite! This took a whole afternoon, and X had the best time- seriously.  We chilled all the fruit afterwards and he served it all up as dessert to our meal. He was so proud, and honestly so was I. X was able to do all of this with very little intrusion from me. The BPA safe tools are designed with safety in mind and I knew that he was completely ok while using them. It took so much stress off of me- because I could finally let him help without having a mini heart attack.
   What is even better is now he can help me with food prep- which I am super excited about and so far so is X- hey I may even have a chef in the making here!  Along with the BPA safeness, the tools have handles designed specifically for children’s hands, and have soft touch buttons. This makes it really hard for their hands to slip and I think we need them on grown up tools as well!  The silicone is heat safe up to 450 degrees- so you are OK if you accidentally leave it on a hot oven top which is always a problem of mine, and the whole set is good for children 7 and up!
    This is just such a great addition to our kitchen and to our family. Now my son and I can cook together, which he enjoys, and it also shows him that food does not magically appear on his plate- it takes work.  I am so excited to have been able to review this line and am happy to add it to The Mommy’s Guide family of reviews!

    *We did receive this product for review purposes, however all opinions are our own. If we do not like it- we will not write about it! Our reviews CANNOT be bought! Thanks to Curious Chef for sending us their amazing product!

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