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CamelBack Resort! A Great Place For The Whole Family

 We were invited to spend the night at CamelBack Resort to indulge ourselves in all the amenities that this amazing resort has to offer. Located in the Poconos- the fun does not end when the snow does because at CamelBack Resort you literally have everything at your fingertips!
  The lobby is gorgeous with high ceilings and a library feel to its decor which instantly welcomes you while still giving you that " in awe " factor the moment you check in. If you plan on not leaving the resort valet parking is available- but you can also park your own car. As I am a wanderer I chose the latter. The room we checked into has two queen sized beds-with a rustic dark wood headboard that is attached to the wall itself. There is a refrigerator and microwave available to use in the foe marble out-cove.  The sink and mirror that are outside of the bathroom itself and next to the refrigerator and also decorated in that for marble.  The room is long and spacious and includes a
small two seater wood table couch and coffee table. There is amble room to hang your cloths in the
open closet by the door, a dresser with four draws, and also includes a in room programmable safe. The tv is approx.  30 inches and looks a tad small for the room but honestly with all the amenities I do not think you are going to be spending much time in room- although you could very comfortably! One other really important thing if you are ocd like I am is the fact that the room is immaculate. Not one speck of dust, not one sticky surface. The bathtub is literally the cleanest I have ever seen in any hotel- period. I will be enjoying a nice bubble bath tonight! The cleaning staff clearly knows what they are doing!
   One of the aspects of the resort that I really enjoy is that there are no room keys. When you check in you are given a plastic waterproof bracelet that acts like your key, as well as entrance to the water
park. You can even put money on your account ($200 minimum) to use as spending cash so you do not need your wallet at all! Very cool.  The rooms are a pretty distance (at least where we are) from the water park however the fact that you do not have to walk out of doors to get there makes up for the hike.  Other than the indoor pool
there is laser tag available (although under repair during our stay) a small indoor min golf area, a rock climb, and indoor rope obstacle course, as well as a arcade. All are of course for an additional charge- however it ranged from 5- 9 dollars a person really it will not break the bank.  There are also three on site restaurants that you can partake in, a spa, and a calendar of crafts and activates for the kids to partake in. Some of the crafts do have fees, but there seems to be at least one craft a day that is free. The staff as a whole are really friendly and want to help in any way they can, which is always a wonderful thing to see, and they seem to keep the area ship shape as I did not find one thing out of place in the lobby or any of the hallways.
    If I had a couple of suggestions it would be to lose the fee on the mini golf- the course is small and honestly it would be a nice little gesture to the guests that they are not trying charge you for every little thing. As well as having some drop off programs that the kids can be checked into and out of during the course of the day so the parents could get a moment alone here or there.  If the hotel wasn’t SO child friendly I wouldn’t even think of saying that- however I have been to other resorts where this was available and the whole family really enjoyed it. The parents loved the fact they could get an hour kid free, and the kids felt super cool participating in the craft or party without their parents. This would be something I would have absolutely no problem shelling out a few extra dollars for.  Also I did like the fact that you could use your wristband as a way to pay inside the resort but I did not like that it had to be $200, nor did I like that they would hold that money if not spent in its entirety for two days- more if it is the weekend after your stay. I do not really understand why there would be a set amount, instead of just charging it directly to the room
like a regular room key. When I asked no one actually had an answer for that, and while I was checking in I saw that several people who would have been interested- like myself wound up not doing it because of the $200 minimum and hold on your card.
    That being said, I do not have any complaints about the resort itself, or it’s amenities. The Indoor water park was wonderful (see review here). The staff was wonderful, the amenities were many and all very fun, the staff was always around to give you a helpful hand or to make sure you had everything you needed. If you are looking for a great place to spend a few days for the whole family, you do not need to look any further- because CamelBack Resort has everything you need.

   I want to thank The CamelBack Staff for having us, and for giving us the opportunity to review your wonderful facility we had a blast and will definitely be back soon!

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