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CamelBack Beach: Mummy's Oasis Reveal and Review!

     CamelBack Beach is just a mere five minutes from the CamelBack Resort and is a great addition to your summer fun! Besides being an amazing waterpark, Camelback beach as the added bonus of being a waterpark in the mountain’s! Giving it amazing views all over the park, as well as tons of water filed fun!
     We were invited for the day as well as the unveiling of their new child friend area Mummy's Oasis! This new attraction is designed specifically for the younger attendees of the park. With only six inches of water, they can safely run all around the fortress, while getting squirted by numerous sprinklers, bubbles, geysers, water wheels and cannons!  There is even a pint sized dumping bucket that goes off every 45 seconds and gets you and your family soaked with the 1,000 gallons of water it dumps out. Yea, 1,0000 gallons is considered pint sized at Camelback!  This ride was approved by the kids who not only spent a good part of the morning there, but went back for more over and over again! What a great addition to what I learned was a wonderful water park.

   Now you all know that I can be picky about certain establishments. I get to visit a lot of places, and I want to tell you guys the truth about how they really are before you spend your hard earned cash there. CamelBack Beach literally was the cleanest water park I have ever seen. Not one bandaid floating on the lazy river, not one misplaced water bottle or paper floating in the wave pool. It was immaculate. The staff was beyond friendly- making sure you knew exactly what you were getting into when going on one of the amazing rides like the Titan for example. The Titan is a family raft ride that runs the LENGTH of nearly 3 football fields and serpentines down the natural slope of Camelback Mountain. Yea that's right, and it was awesome! With 37 water based rides in total, including a wonderful lazy river and Kahuna Lagoon Wavepool, which are my favorites at any park- you will not lack things to do, and will fill the day with fun fun fun!

   Looking for something a little dyer. Take the Sullivan Sky Ride chairlift up the mountain and hit up CamelBack Mountain Adventures. Now we did go on the chairlift- because honestly it was too beautiful not too (and we even saw a couple of deer below) however we did not do any of the adventurous things up top. Nevertheless, after talking to the amazingly enthusiastic Adam, who gets to try out and safety test North America’s longest twin zip-flyers at 4,000 ft, we are absolutely going back and experiencing that! Also available is Appalachian Express, Pennsylvania’s only Mountain Coaster, which also looks just as exciting! Both of these are for an additional coast, but after Adams
unsolicited and animated praise of the rides, the safety precautions and the passion that he and his fellow co-workers have for these rides and their jobs- there is no way you would not want to try it out! Next time guys!
  All in all Cameback Beach is a  great way to spend the day, it is clean, not too expensive, and filled with so many adventures you will want to go back again and again. We loved it!

   Thank you to CamelBack Resort for inviting us to the grand opening! We will see you soon!

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