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Aquatopia Is Well Worth A Visit at Camelback Resort!

   The Aquatopia indoor waterpark at CamelBack Resort is pretty awesome guys. Yeah that is how I am starting this review, because there is no beating around the bush. Attached directly to the CamelBack Resort this indoor water park sports a year round 84-degree haven, that has a wave pool, indoor and outdoor hot tub, lazy river, and 13 water slides that will keep every age of child (and yes that includes adults) occupied!

   The water park is right off of the main lobby and one floor down. You walk through the kiddie arcade flash your wrist band and walk into a wonderfully warm and vibrate tropical environment.  The ceiling is fully windowed, letting in natural light- so yes as my skin can tell you today-
sunscreen is needed. It also gives you the feel that you are outside without actually having to be outside- one of my favorite kind of feelings. There are several different areas in the park, that have an array of different of entertainment. When you walk in you will see the Combora Flowrider, which is a simulated surfing and boogie boarding experience- it is a blast- literally
you can be blasted away when you wipe out- but man oh man is it fun.  Walk past the swim up bar (which was heaven by the way) and you will see a fun wave pool that sports mild waves, nothing that will knock you or your family over, a penguin and snow themed wading pool. This adorable little area has slides, swings, and water squirts perfect for all the kids, but especially the babies. What will really catch your eye however is the Kartrite's Quest-a multilevel immersive aqua play structure. This
is beautifully designed to look like a collection of items brought home from an archeology dig, and has five zones for all different ages, six slides, water gadgets to shoot at other resort attendees- yeah I had a battle with a bunch of kids- we have a rematch going on tomorrow.  It also as  a 1,000 gallon dumping bucket- that got me several times by surprise.  The slides are no joke- and mostly are geared for under 48 inches, however does not limit the fun for kids of any size. Let's just say this is in the middle of the park for a reason- it was the main attraction and absolutely where we had the most laughable moments during our first visit.
   Go up a level and the older- or taller guests can enjoy some truly fantastic waterslides, two of which actually go outside the building and then back in for a truly wild experience. The Storm Chaser is among them and happens to be the longest indoor water coaster in the country. It absolutely gave us a good ride with its twist and turns, and crazy drops that made your heart pound so much you could not wait to get on again. A must for any thrill seeker.
   Now I do love my slides, however I cannot give a water park indoor or not a good review if I do not like the lazy river. I have to say, out of all the water parks we have been too- this may be my favorite- no joke. The simple reason is; it is completely different from any other I have been on. The essentials are all there. You have your tubes, you’re not too cold water, the small water falls that will hit you
every once in a while and a current to push you along. The part that made this my favorite is the fact that design wise- you feel like you are entering a cave. The entrance of the ride is a darkened room, where you hop on your tube and spend half your time on the ride in nice low lite splendor. There are fake torches on the wall, waterfalls, and colored lighting that flickers making it a really cool experience. Then you get a bit of sunlight provided again by the clear window rooftop, with more waterfalls, and "riptides" pushing you forward, where you go again into the darkness where you started. You can keep going or stop-depending on how you feel but I needed to go on in several times in a row- you know for review purposes. I LOVED IT- all of it.

 Finally, you have the indoor outdoor hot-tub that just made my whole day. The entrance to the hot spring is inside, and has several seating areas that have lovely jets, and wonderfully warm water- then you can swim through a little people sized doggie door - but not in a bad way- to go to the outside. It is a lot of fun. Today was a cool day- so really I should of been cold outside- however the temperature of the hot tub was perfect, keeping you warm without over heating you, and the spinning jets that the outside had was well worth a chill here or there anyway.

    The facility was very clean, with minimal dirt or mold residue on some of the structures.  The lifeguards did a fantastic job of keeping their eye on everyone, and I did feel that there were enough lifeguards on duty in all areas. It was a pretty quiet day when I visited but it did seem like there would be ample seating for everyone who attended on a busier day.   Although a lot of the lounge chairs where facing lockers, or stuck in between the different areas lining the walls there were some nice areas to lounge like by the wave pool. There were also more than a few cabanas to rent- which we just might do tomorrow- that are only $100 for the day- which is kind of amazing. They are tent themed which goes with the whole archeology style of the park and have ample seating, a table, couch tv and fan- pretty cool actually, and the price is fantastic. I say go for it if you plan on spending the whole day down there- its totally worth it.

   All in all, we had a very positive experience. I would absolutely recommend a visit if you are in the area, or to make a fun weekend out of it by staying at the resort.

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