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Historic Hudson Valley Presents: Lightscapes! Our Review

                         Historic Hudson Valley Presents: Lightscapes!    

       Historic Hudson Valley is known throughout the state for hosting spectacular events all year round.   For the last two years they have started a new tradition, similar to their infamous The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze that is hosted every fall.

  Lightscapes which is held on the same historic site- Van Cortlandt Manor in Croton-on-Hudson-
 is a visual delight that kicks off spring in a very unique way. Using recycled goods to create a fairy like atmosphere you will wonder through the grounds on a guided trail and see what was created from supplies that could have just as easily ended up at a county dump.
    As you enter the event you walk under a gorgeous rainbow and are greeted with bubbles flying through the air- and colored shadows of the crowd on a tarp. You are encouraged to strike a pose and experience the effects of the playfully colored lights before you enter the main event which really takes your breath away.
    Milk and water jugs make a field of flowers that would rival Dorothy's field of Poppy's. All aglow in a multitude of colors. Bowling pins take flight as ducks and plastic is turned into running water that flows amidst fork and spoon dragonflies.

Honest to goodness I would not have believed how simply magical it was until we were witnessed it with it with our own eyes. The pictures although beautiful do it no justice.  The music as well transported into this truly enchanted world where not only flowers were on your journey. Pixies hung in the trees, and turtles hung out by the castle. Walk through a centipede
and stand above a field of tulips and gaze on the awesomeness in front of you.

   This spectacular event only runs for a limited time- so hurry up before the month ends and you have to wait a whole year before this magic descends upon us again.

*We were given entrance to this event for review- however all opinions are our own. If we don't love it we do not write about it! 

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