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The Spa At Mt. Airy: Review

                                            The Spa At Mt. Airy

     While staying at Mt Airy Lodge and Casino I was invited to partake in a luxury massage at The Spa at Mt. Airy. Yea like I was going to say no to that. Right off the main lobby and across from the pool is the reception for the spa. You check into your appointment and then head into the spas retail room and take the elevator down one floor and enter total bliss. There is a gorgeous fountain and comfy chairs in the reception room, which then leads you into the main spa.
  There you get your own pass-code safe locker to put your things in. There is a comfy robe and sandals given to you which you walk to the changing room across the way to put on.  After you are changed you are walked into the ladies’ lounge where chaise lounges await you along with cucumber water, tea and all the trashy magazines you want. It is here you wait to be called into your appointment and it is here you can lounge afterwards as well.
  I was treated to the Mt. Airy Signature Massage which was so good I may have melted into the massage bed. I had a choice of three essential oils which were mixed with body buttercream and was treated to a head to toe massage from Carolina. She was Amazing! The room was filled with calming music, heated bed, aroma from the oils, which put you instantly at ease.  The expert hands of Carolina made me forget that I ever had a headache, or neck pain in my life. I was in heaven for the full 55 minutes. However, the relaxation did not stop there. After my massage, I headed to the sauna, and scented steam room before enjoying a rainfall shower. Yea that shower needs to be installed in my house yesterday.  There was a bathroom and area to blow dry your hair, put on deodorant and put yourself back together before going back to the real world as well. All included with whatever spa service you enjoyed.
  Tranquil music filled the whole spa, and you could enjoy the services provided within the spa for as long as you want which was wonderful. There was no rushing you in and out nor were there gossiping employees that I have found at other spas. This was truly a relaxing experience in a clean and well maintained spa.
 The services range from massages to mani pedis, facials, body scrubs and more. All range in prices and all worth every dollar if what you are looking for is experienced staff, tranquil environment and an afternoon free of the hussel and bussel of life.

 ** I was given this massage for review however all opinions are my own.

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