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Mt. Airy Lodge Casino and Resort! Our Review!

Mt. Airy Lodge Casino and Resort- Our Review
(spoiler, we loved it) 

Mt. Airy Lodge and Casino is the place to be if you enjoy a good time. All others should stop reading here…….

     Ok good, now that we are alone let me tell you about where you should go for your next weekend of pure fun and relaxation.  Mt. Airy Lodge and casino is a 100056-acre resort that houses 188 newly renovated rooms, an 18 hole golf course, fully functioning spa, indoor and outdoor pool, casino, four restaurants, a club with live performances available all year long, (x2 when they close the pool and throw a party there) event center and a fully loaded gym. Try saying that all in one breathe.

     This place has that WOW factor that you didn’t even know you were looking for in a resort.  As you veer off of the main road towards the hotel you may have to pull over to pick up you jaw from the floor.   The immense rustic look of the hotel with the canopied drop off, as well as the beautiful waterfall cascading just below give you an immediate idea of just what this resort had in store for you -high class fun!  Drive on up to guest drop off and take advantage of the free valet parking, then walk inside. Que gasp- as you are faced with a beautifully lit water fountain that connects the first floor- hotel lobby and reaches the second floor- the casino, restaurant and club area. Above that is a beautifully crafted chandelier, you have officially entered the luxury zone.
   After checking in with a staff that does nothing but try and please- you will use your key card to use the elevator as well as your room. This is a great feature as this hotel acts as a fully functional event center and casino, this seemingly small security measure is actually a big deal- keeping it so only hotel guests have access to the hotel. Mt. Airy Lodge takes security very seriously- and this is just one of the ways that it shows it has the patrons comfort in mind. You will also use that key to get into the pool and gym again ensuring that patrons of the hotel are using it exclusively.

   Let's talk rooms- there is nothing I like better than an impeccably clean hotel room- and that is just what we received.  Beautifully furnished room with two queen beds, a fabric headboard adoring the wall. Flat screen tv, separate bathing area in the bathroom and fully stocked mini bar at your service if you want to bring the party back to your room. The beds were so fluffy I drifted off to sleep on a cloud (and fully pack stomach see reviews ofthe restaurants we visited) the comforters were light, soft and warm and the pillows were lucky they stayed in the hotel room they were so comfy.
   The mini bar is no joke as well-it has everything you could need or want.   It is weight sensitive so if you remove anything it will know and automatically send it to the front desk and add to your room charges. Technology is crazy.
    If and when you ever decide toleave your room you have several options at your disposal. I suggest you dothem all. During the day you can book yourself a massage, mani pedi or facialamong other treatments, then head off to the pool appropriately named WET.
   The pool houses cabana beds that are available to rent for the day and are super comfy- yea we went for it. You can have your lunch poolside, enjoy alcoholic beverages and swim in the magnificent pool that features tiny waterfalls, and two areas off to the side that have jets blasting (although no temperature change) and seating. We

literally spent almost a full day there.  The staff particularly on the Friday that we stayed were amazing. Smiles were on their faces, they kept towels stocked drinks in my hand, and the area free of spills where you could slip.  I miss it and them already.

   Poolside lunch is not only available but not too overly priced and delicious. We had Ahi Ahi sliders, and buffalo wings and they were awesome. During the week they also have some great drink specials- so you can load up on the booze- but even on a normal day you will not break the bank ordering a few cocktails.

    Ready to gamble? Ok! After getting changed you will take the elevator directly to the casino where security guards will make sure you are of age. After that you enter the circular casino. The gaming is slot machines, with tables in the middle. Surrounding it are restaurants, the Gypsie Club, a red mango and candy shop. Smoking is allowed however it is limited on the side where there are no restaurants- a smart move on Mt. Airy' part because they keep both kinds of customers happy! If you join the Mt. Airy Casino Club Reward Club ( for those serious and frequent guests) you can earn prizes, be entered into giveaways, earn rewards like free buffet meal or work your way up to the VIP lounge.
   For those high rollers that get access to the VIP lounge, you will enjoy free food private area to lounge in and a chance to meet performers of the Gypsie Club located right in front of the lounge.
   There is also a poker room outside of the main casino and one floor up- this is a small nonsmoking version of the casino great for those who want to play without the hussle and bussel of the main floor- I thought that was a pretty cool additive.

   The Gypsy Nightclub has special Guests performing all the time. Providing ticket goers with an intimate entertainment experience. This room fits about 200 guests, had a beautiful bar and VIP area, as well as a great view of the entertainer from anywhere within. Located feet away from the casino and restaurants this is a really cool way to spend a fully evening.

   When people think of the Poconos they think winter- however MT. Airy Lodge Resort and Casino offers enough entertainment that you can go all year round. The 18-hole golf course will draw golfers, as is a recreation of the top 18 holes in the series. The pool has a cool swim out feature that lets you go from indoor to outdoor pools without getting out of the water. On certain nights as well- entertainers will help Mt. Airy turn the pool into Club Wet- making the pool into an amazing clubbing experience.  Bigger concerts and fireworks also happen in the summer where they close off some of the public parking and turn it into stages, with GA admission and seating. Add on fine dining and the casino and you will not have to leave the lodge no matter what time of year you go!

   We had a truly lovely time at this amazing fun filled location. It exceeded even my expectations when it came to cleanliness, affordability of food and cocktails, availability of entertainment and decadence.
   A wonderful place to go on during an anniversary, romantic weekend away or babymoon- this is the kind of place you will not mind ditching your kids for.

   If ditching your kids is not an option, Mt. Airy Lodge is not adults only. However, if you are going to go there are a few things to keep in mind.  Anyone on the casino who is under the  age of 21 needs to wear a bracelet and be escorted from restaurants to security points and exits. The pool is serving alcohol and has no lifeguard so any tweens or children cannot go there or any other place in the lodge without an adult.  The staff is very friendly about children but it is something to keep in mind if you are planning a family vacation.
     Thank you so much to Mt. Airy Casino and Lodge for sponsoring our visit. We truly had an amazing time and cannot wait to visit you again soon!

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