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Bistecca by IL MULINO: Review


     If you are looking for a fantastic gourmet meal during your stay at Mt. Airy Lodge look no further than Bistecca by IL MULINO. Located right off the casino floor- you will find no better steak in NYC or the North Shore. A true steakhouse you have your classic cuts, from skirt steak to a porterhouse they are all aged and served with delicious sauces- like béarnaise, or a green peppercorn cognac sauce (yum!).
    If steak isn't your thing they have wonderful pasta dishes fresh clams, lobster and a lineup of specials offered every night. We tried the Burrata appetizer which is a seemingly a ball of mozzarella but it is so much more. This is a fresh mozzarella ball that they fill with cheese curd and warm cream so when it sets it makes a creamy center, one bite of this you are instantly transported to heaven. Seriously guys if you have a chance to try it do it- do not think twice just do it.

    I enjoyed a Petit Filet Mignon with béarnaise sauce that if I could marry I would of on the spot. It was cooked exactly medium. EXACTLY I have never had a steak that was cook exactly the way it was supposed to be, and I have been to some pretty high end establishments in my time. It's always a little too red in the middle or not enough red- this was perfect. Chef your awesome.
   My husband got the skirt steak which was just huge. He couldn't even eat the whole thing in one sitting. No worries it was gone an hour or so later. He had it rare and again it was perfect. Wonderfully supple, with a nice brown on the outside while being wonderfully red on the inside throughout the whole steak. Not one flaw.

  For a side which are served a la carte we ordered steak fries- because I mean steak fries. Never have I seen such a pretty display of French fries. These were literally half of a potato in length and a 1/3 in thickness with just the right amount of salt -these were the best darn fries I have had maybe ever.

  The food was great the ambiance was beautiful but what made the meal truly unique was the servers. Eric and Katie were attentive, had a wonderful presence about them and were just great people. Sometimes when you go to high end restaurants the staff is so stuffy that it actually makes you uncomfortable. Not here. They treated you like you were eating at their family table- they helped you pick the meal you wanted and made sure it was exactly to your liking. They were attentive without being pushy and seemed genuinely in awe of everything on the menu making YOU excited to eat it.
   Another thing to note is the fact that although the restaurant is off the casino by mere feet- the minute you walked inside the casino was gone. No pings and pangs of the slot machine were heard. The crowd was nonexistent- you felt as if you were at a small intimate restaurant that you could find on NYC block in the most fashionable part of town.
  So whether you are staying at the resort or in the area- if you are looking for a high end meal in an amazing environment this is the place to go.
   Thank you so much for inviting us to try your amazing restaurant we will see you again in the future.

 *We were served a meal to review- however all opinions are our own. This place didn't make it hard to have a great dinner!

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