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The Brio Remote Control Travel Train: Our Review


      Brio is a toy company that has been around since the 1800s, yeap you read me right. They have successfully entertained children of all ages through the decades, and are still doing a fantastic job.  We received two toys from the company for our Easter Roundup, and have been so impressed that we have yet to put them down!  So here is our first review, of the amazing, the wonderful Remote Control Travel Train!

   The Brio Remote Control Travel Train is the perfect set for any train enthusiast to play with at home or on the go!  This set comes with two wooden train cars, one posable person and the best part a easy to use remote!  Using your remote you can, reverse, stop, and go forward in two different
speeds There are also buttons so you can operate light and sound effects! Your little guy or gal will have no issue picking it up and learning house to use it automatically. Do not feel like using the remote? That’s ok! The Trains can also be operated by push buttons on top of the engine!  The remote also works on two different frequencies, so you can use two different trains on one track- pretty nifty if you ask me.
   The train and remote are both made with quality and durability in mind. Each can take a lickin and keep on tickin so to speak.  The oversized handle and buttons on the remote make it easy to use for the littler ones, and spark the interest of kids of all ages (I mean who doesn't like to push buttons). The trains are made of wood, and are crafted to endure countless play sessions.

  My son absolutely loves the portability of it. He packs it up in his book bag and pulls it out at his friends, or our families household, where he sets up different environments for his train to ride through. There are not a lot of toys out there with that kind of portability, especially in the remote control line. Most are big and clumberson, and it is usually the parent who is lugging it around. With the Brio Remote Control Travel Train, your child can literally play with his set anywhere.

    The simplicity of the style and the ease in which your child can pick it up and play make this a perfect way to engage your child in immersive play. Whether they are just running the trains around the room, or creating elaborate obstacles to go through your child will be using their imagination, and not staring at a screen.  You will find yourself building tunnels with the couch cushions, and bridges out of your dining room chairs and cardboard right along with them.  Before you know it an afternoon has gone and you and your kids have spent some great quality time together, and hopefully have just as much fun cleaning up afterwards!

    This is one of the best remote control anything we have had the pleasure of playing with and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants their child to have a bit of fun! Thank you Brio for giving us the chance to review your amazing set!

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