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Some Great Toys Coming In 2016!

       This year we went to the Toy Fair and expected to see some great things, but we were completely and totally blown away by some really stand out products. One of them is the Wonder Crew, and I would like to introduce you moms out there with little boys to the item that will blow your mind and make them super happy.  Wonder crew is a new line of “Crewmates” or dolls that combine “the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of a child’s favorite stuffed animal.” Finally, there is a doll that is made just for a boy. One that he can carry around and have adventures with, and that is made with a boy in mind.  The Crewmate comes in his superhero costume, and stands about 15 inches tall, he has a tough head and a soft plush body and can go through an array of adventures, as well as costume changes when need be.  There are four sets available, the Dino Adventure Set, Dream Adventure, Builder Adventure and Chef Adventure. This little guy retails for $42.99 and is available now. I am so very excited to see where this line goes, I am sure it will be a huge hit!

    Who Drew It? is a fun new game that has everyone at every level engaging in fun interactive
gaming. Simply pick a category, like Food, and everyone draws an item that fits in that category.  Once finished they give it all to the person in charge during that round or the Drewit, who then mixes the cards up and gives them back one by one to the person whose turn it is, that player needs to guess who drew what, and so the fun begins! The game comes c with one game board, 100 category cards, eight pencils, eight drawing cases, eight dry erase markers, one scoring pad, and one sand timer- everything you need for a fun night of play. Retailing for only $24.99 this is a game that you will have for years to come. I cannot wait to play it myself!

   CogniToys Dino, is a product that I was super excited to see LAST toy fair, and am happy to learn will now be available for pre-order this season. The Dino, who is made to give a long lasting child and toy experience is a fun way to interact with the technology of today without the cell phone.  The 7 inch Dino’s are Cloud Based, and Wi-Fi enabled and is made so the child and Dino can engage in personalized educational play. “The Dino can explore a wide variety of topics during playtime, including favorite colors and animals, and can participate in activities like storytelling, questions and answers, games and more. Through this personalization feature, CogniToys™ Dinos will grow over time, just like your kids do.”  I have seen only a small sampler of what the toy should actually do, and hope to have a hands on review for you all soon. However, it is definitely something to keep your eye out on, as I feel it has so much potential in every growing technology age that our children’s toys are being directed in. You can pre-order your own Dino for $99.99 via their website, and they should be hitting the shelves this summer! For more information, please visit 

     The Irish Fairy Door was one of our top picks for this holiday season.  It is just such a beautifully crafted item full of imagination and whimsy. This year the company will be coming out with some great additions to the line to bring your family even further into the immersion of the fairy world.  There will be cloths lines available, with both female and male clothing on the line. Hey, even fairy’s need to do laundry. Also available is Queen Kate’s Fairy Dust that with a little imagination can really add to the magic of the experience of the line. What I am must excited about though is vinyl decals that are now available that are made to go around the doorway. There is a Toadstool decal that creates the perfect placement for your door right underneath it, immersing your door even further into the Fairy Realm right in your own house.  There is also a castle decal, that the fairy door fits right in the middle of, with toadstool topped towers that really bring the whole piece together.  The line is just getting more and more fun as it progresses and I am sure that these items will make old fans thrilled and bring in new ones as well! I am getting the whole line. For my son. Not me.. Ok for me J
 The complete Irish Fairy Door product line is available for purchase online at

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