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BuggaLoop A HexBug TableTop Game!

    One of the reviews we have been promising you is the new and very cool board game Buggaloop produced by Ravensburger and featuring Hexbug.  As you guys are well aware, we have been watching Hexbug grow since its beginning.  The items they produce are so amazing so technically savvy, and so much fun for the whole family that anytime we have a chance to play with them we are just thrilled.

       In Buggaloop you are racing against the super smart Hexbug Nano to get all your pieces from one side of the board to the other.  The game comes complete with everything you need, one game board that plays in the box, two tubes that go on either side of the board, four sets of different colored game pieces, a die and of course the Hexbug itself.

      Start The game by bringing your Hexbug to life! Place that little bugger into one of the
tubes and roll the die. Move one of your pieces the number of spaces which came up during your roll then quickly pass the die to next player. You have to move fast because as you are playing the Hexbug is traveling through the tube and under the board trying to make its way up!   Once he arrives the gameplay STOPS!  Now this bug is trouble guys, he is going to roam around the board and try and mess things up for you, moving all of your pieces and causing havoc, as bugs do. Thankfully he will eventually find his way back into the tube. At that point you will need to see what happened to your pieces. If the Bug moved your piece completely off of the spot it was on it must go back from once it came. If your game piece is not moved, then you are safe and can keep it where it stands. Your goal as a player is to get all three of your pieces to the other side of the board first, if you do that you win and can start with your I win dance. Or ya know be mature and say good game and play again!

     I absolutely loved this game.  The box says for ages five and up- and that is mainly because of the small pieces that are included in the game. The Hexbug itself is tiny, as are the game pieces which are basically small colored balls.  However, if supervised the whole family no matter what age can join in on the fun.

     I really enjoyed how they used the Hexbug Nano technology and literally built a game around it.  It is a great way to keep growing a product that is beloved by so many families all over the world.  If you are not familiar with the brand Hexbug Nanos are little bug robots which vibrate- that vibration makes them move, but that is not the amazing part. These little creatures as I like to call them also have an amazing way about them that they actually navigate around their surroundings, bumping into things and turning themselves about until they get free. It is pretty clever to put that mechanics into a tabletop game, and I applaud them on their effort. 

  The game play itself is pretty short, running maybe twenty minutes, which for me is a good thing when you are playing games around the five-year-old age range.   Shorter gameplay means that your child will not get bored and leads to higher replay value in the end. Making your purchase an investment into your family’s game night instead of a dust collector on your shelf!

    The one downside to the game may be that the Hexbug tends to pop up pretty fast onto the board, and stays there longer than it does underneath. Sometimes having you wait three minutes or so as you watch your game pieces get pushed and your game plan crushed. However, this can also be one of the things your child loves most about the game as well! Who doesn’t like watching that little bugger doing its thing! This is literally the only negative I can say about a game, and as you can tell I am not even sure if it is really a negative.  Bugabaloo is a game that is well crafted, made with quality and durability, and replay value in mind. For a kid that loves bugs, either the mechanical kind or the slimy kind this is THE game for them. I guarantee laughter will ensue every time you open the box. Enjoy everyone! And look out for X’s review, he cannot wait to show you all the game himself!

(We were not paid for this review. We received a sample to base our opinion on and wrote a honest description of the game and what we experienced while testing. All of our opinions are our own and this review is property of The Mommy's Guide)

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