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Skylanders Fit For Your Easter Basket!

   Easter is going to be here before you know it, and you will not want to celebrate without these two limited edition spring Skylanders! Your kids will be sooo Egg-cited (yea, I did it) When they see these two awesome figures in their basket.  Honestly, I love the Skyander line all year long, (as we know) but the spring editions always make me smile. These ones are no egg-ception! OK OK I am done!
    Get yours before they are gone at your local Toys 'R Us

                                                   Spring Ahead Dive Bomber
                                                              Price: $14.99

      With a brand new fleet of powerful vehicles at their disposal, the Skylanders are ready to battle evil wherever it hides.  In an attempt to sneak into the aquatic nest of a menacing Hydra, the Skylanders have disguised the Dive Bomber as a decorative egg.  Hopefully Hydras like to protect their eggs… and not eat them!

                                                             Eggcited Thrillipede
                                                                Price: $12.99

      Thrillipede is all suited up and ready to defend his title as the reigning Dragon Egg Toss Champion.  After last year’s controversy, when Kaos wrongly accused him of coating several Dragon Eggs with sticky tape, Thrillipede is eager to show everyone that his egg tossing supremacy was no fluke.  And to prove his point, he’s agreed to enter the competition with one hand tied behind his back!

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