Sorry For the Delay....

Rich Donuts, Rich Prizes, Entemanns Giveaway and Sweepstakes!

When you think rich, your first thought may be to the funds in your back account (or lack thereof) however we all know the second thing you think of is Entennmann's! 
    Entenmann's has a long and scrumptious history of baking delicious treats that the whole family can enjoy!  The Entenmann's Rich Frosted donut- known to all- was created in 1973 and gas been their number one selling product ever since!  The Rich Frosted is a cake style donut that is covered in the best chocolate frosting out there! You all know what I am talking about, and right now you are all regretting pasting by these bad boys at the grocery store.  You are thinking of taking the first bite- the small crack that the frosted shell makes, and then the amazing richness of the yellow cake inside.  Oh yea, your tummy just went all rumbly.
      Entenmann's has been thinking rich for a long time, and that is why January Entenmann's is hosting a great sweepstakes!  "Entenmann's Start the Rich Life with $5,000 Sweepstakes" is offering up to $15,000 in cash prizes along with fun plush toys! 
                   The Sweepstakes ends March 15th- but make sure you enter way before then, who knows you may be in for some rich rewards!

      Oh and I almost forgot- not only do you have a chance to win some BIG prizes via Entemann's, they have also given us a prize pack that will go to one lucky reader! Enter to win 4 Entenmann's Coupons, valued at $7.00 a piece, and one custom, limited edition Entenmann's Start the Rich Life Bank, valued at $10.00. Pretty Sweet Eh? (see what I did there, Entenamann's sweet...Ok fine I am not funny. Good Luck Everyone!

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