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Build-A-Bear & Care Bears Join Together for The Perfect Match Ever!

   Build-A- Bear Workshop has been a staple in every household since its grand opening in 1997.  I remember walking around Roosevelt field Mall here on Long Island, with my then dreamy Boyfriend Matt, and seeing these kids, and tweens carrying around these really cool boxes.  They were cardboard, with blue and white print on them and looked like it was a house.  I asked one of the patrons of the mall where they got that amazing box, and what was inside and that was the first time I was introduced to the store that would change stuffed animals forever.  I then made my boyfriend buy me one immediately, and yes I was seventeen years old. 

       Build-A-Bear is all about creating a forever friend. Someone who you will love cherish and take care of. Yes, it is a stuffed animal, but the way the company built their world makes it a very personal experience for each child.  Children not only hand pick their new friends, but create it-with the help of the workers- they hug it, they place a heart inside with their love, and their wishes, and above all they promise to take care of their new friend.
       It seems to me that a match was made in heaven last week when Care Bears joined forces with this elite plush experience.    All of us 80’s kids are simply thrilled that the Care bears are back and better than ever, their growing popularity brings us back to the days of when we as children enjoyed the “Care Bears Movie” (still one of my favorites) pretending to do the “Care Bear Stare” with our original plushes (I still have my Tendorheart ) and saving the world from evil foes. 
    We were invited to the preview of the new series at The Empire State Building Location last Wednesday before it hit the shelves all over the country, and guys, it is everything you wanted and more! As of now there are two Care Bears available now, the most iconic of the Care Bears other than Grumpy Bear, have made their debut at the soft launch.  Tenderheart Bear and Cheer Bear are on the shelves now and priced at $25.00 without any accessories. Oh did I not mention the accessories, yea these little guys also have a whole line of cloths that   you will also be able to
purchase. Available right now is a beautiful tutu set, pjs.  There is also a sound chip- that when purchased additionally will be put inside the bear and when pressed will play the Care Bears song.  All of these are available now, with more coming in February.  In the second rollout you will be about to buy bedding for the bears, as well as slippers, and more outfits to mix and match. The Campaign that runs all of 2016 will also have you looking forward to the roll out of three
more Care Bears, I cannot wait to see who they are!
       Now a little about the bears themselves.  Held up to not only the Care Bear Standard, but also the Build-A-Bear standard, these adorable dolls are of the highest quality, with their patented heart nose, hard care bear heart logo on their behind, and embroidered designed signature Care Bear Logo that each bear has on their tummys that are unique to their characters! You can add a sound chip of a beating heart, and also a sound chip that plays the song as extra special addition.  The cloths, are soft and silky and filled with color and yes the Care Bear gang. Honestly If i had Pjs like that I may never take them off!
        What is even more special about the joining of these two couples is the fact that in Build-A-Bear workshop your bear can be whatever you want it to be. My son who loves Care Bears by the way, both the original 80’s Version, as well as the updated version, loves Tenderheart, however he also wanted to put an outfit on him that was not on the Care Bear Line- always the rebel. So Tenderheart is now sporting the Rey outfit from the new Star Wars Movie, which he is also in love with.   Who says Care Bears have to wear Care Bear cloths, if your child wants to cross franchises it is all possible with the massive amount of accessories available all over the store. 
    Now my niece, Ana, does not like to mix and match. A Care Bear doll must have the coordinating outfit, so she picked out the lovely silky Pj set, with hopes of getting me back to the store soon to get the tutu outfit as well.
The moral of the story is no matter what, your child will love this line. Care Bears are comforting, proactive and send a messages of love that children really identify with.  With this brand available at Build-A-Bear they not only get to make their own customized bear, but bring home a unique friend that they will cuddle with for years to come.  My son has yet to leave his TenderHeart Star Wars Plush down for any long length of time and is sleeping with him right now.
     My son was so excited to mix and match, and my niece just as excited to match accordingly- it is funny how differently a product effects different children, but they always have the same outcome, complete bliss.
     They were so excited to have their bears packed in the backpacks provided, and walk through the city proudly.  After our Build-A-Bear adventure we went to my sisters offices at City Harvest and they showed them off as if they sewed together the seams themselves- which they kinda did. They told my sister their favorite Care Bear episode’s, and then explained the entire process to her as well.  Each one had a very unique tale to tell, and each one had that certain something in their eyes that we as parent always strive to bring out in them. Wonderment. 
    I am so happy to be a Care Bear Ambassador; it is a brand that I whole heartedly believe in. I loved them as a child, and as an adult I am proud to help bring the mission statement of caring and being kind to others not only to you, my readers, but to my own family.

     I want to thank Build-A – Bear and Care Bears for giving us a sneak peak, and giving my children a day they will remember for a very long time.  The best part is, your children will be able to experience the very same wonderment when you take them to pick out their new Care Bear, and create their own forever friend! 

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