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Zippy Sack, The Gift That Makes Kids, and Moms Happy!

  Zippy Sack is a truly amazing invention that not only keeps your kid's cozy, but their room tidy! Yes, us mothers thought it was impossible to get our kids to make their beds, but with Zippy Sack, the impossible was made possible.  Place it on your child’s twin bed just like you would any other fitted sheet, then unzip and slid right into the most comfortable fleece that you have ever felt in your life. Seriously, I am a little bit
jealous they do not make one for a queen size bed.  You are so comfy and cozy that there is no real need for any other comforter, and we haven’t even reached the best part.  When it is time to make their bed, all they have to do is literally zip up the side of the blanket using the super durable plastic zipper and flip the excess at the top up, and the bed is made.  It literally takes two minutes.  Your child will never make their bed as nicely as they will with Zippy Sack.  There is even a nice little pocket on the side for a book that they are reading, tablet, or let’s be realistic a cell phone.  Zippy Sack is a win-win for everyone.  It's comfortable, machine washable and looks nice and neat with one zip. Zippy Sacks come in a variety of styles for any age group, and we just LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And so will your kids! Buy yours today! Also available at Toys 'R Us and Target among other stores!

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