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WowWee’s MiPosaur

     Last year we had the absolute honor to present WowWee’s MiP self-balancing robot on our holiday list.  This year we are even more overjoyed to present the MiPosaur!  A Robot Dinosaur! WHAT WHAT!  MiP which stands for “mobile inverted pendulum” is the base behind the robotics of these super fun toys.  WowWee had made such a splash last year with their toy that this year the expectations were high. Some companies would fold under the pressure, but not WowWee- they just raised the bar even higher!  Starting with the tech that they used originally for the MiP they created an entirely new experience for us to enjoy this holiday season! 

     MiPosaur comes with three ways to play- a downloadable app and the included Beacon Sense infused trackball- that he keeps tabs on at all time, and he responds to your hand movements as well.  Programmed with Evolving Intelligence, MiPosaur has different moods and responds differently to your interactions depending on those moods.  You can train him to respond to different hand gestures, training him to respond in different ways to each way your hands interact with him.  Using the track ball, you can take him for a walk, play dino in the middle, play fetch, feed the little guy and dance with him!  The app features tons of way to play. You can drive MiPosaur around, feed it socks, or even cavemen- and watch his reactions! Trace a course for him on your devise and watch him recreate it right in front of you as well.

     The technology behind this robot is about half the fun, the other half is the way it interacts with your child, and yourselves.  You can see what mood he is by the lights that appear on his head, the dino goes through a range of emotions, from curious to just plan happy.  We loved the fetch feature- yes it is the little things in life, but the best part about this is the more we play fetch with the MiPosaur, the more he loves it as well! All the lights, noises and tricks in the world cannot beat the fact that the more you play with MiPosaur the more he will respond and grow as a toy.  He will be quick to change moods, respond to your movements, and enjoy your favorite activities even more after each interaction.  I would have never believed it to be true, but as we have been really playing with it at least three times a week for the past month, we have noticed that each time his response is just a little more positive and each hand command he responds a little more swiftly as well.  The programing is just that amazing.

    So if your child is interested in awesome robots- look no further, this is the best one available this holiday season for a reasonable price ($79.00 on amazon with free shipping).  Easy to use for any age, and has huge replay value- you will not regret introducing MiPosaur to your family      

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