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Wonder Forge Presents Snoopy Flying Ace Game

                              Wonder Forge Presents Snoopy Flying Ace Game

                                                  Our Review! 

      Based on the wildly popular franchises new movie, this board game is set in France.  Snoopy as the Flying Ace is going to be sitting on top of an easily constructed Eiffel Tower.  Place Snoopy on his balance beam astride the tower and he turns into the games unique spinner, as well as the highlight of the game.
   Game play is easy; everyone gets color coded cards with matching colored tokens.  Spin Snoopy, while he is flying everyone quickly turn the cards over until your card matches with one of the other cards that are face up on one of the other player’s decks.  When you have a match you place a token on that character on the rounded game board claiming it as your own.  You need to be quick- the more tokens you have on the board the greater the chance that you will win!  When Snoopy eventually stops spinning, the cloud trail will land on one particular space, whichever players token is on that space wins that round, if the character space has no token no one wins and everyone keeps playing.

      Fast fun with a easy concept and addictive game play Snoopy’s Flying Ace game is made with the highest of quality ensuring durability while have just a really fun layout.  The game is played in rounds, meaning you can play one round or several- making the game as fast or long as you and your players want This is great with the younger kids who as we all know have a shorter attention spans.  You do not HAVE to win best out of three, each round is the full game so whoever wins, wins, and that is that. Add in the fact that setting up the board takes about one minute, and then stores right back into the box, this is a game that no parent will ever say no to playing. 
      Spinning snoopy and watching him soar through the air on his patented red doghouse is very nostalgic for us old folks and super fun for the newer fans, making it a game that literally everyone will want to play.  I have yet to meet a person that does not like the peanuts brand, and I doubt that I ever would.  As with all Wonder Forge games, this game is on the surface just a game, but it also has aspects in the gameplay that help your child grow without them even knowing it.  This game alone promotes hand eye coordination, information processing- two very important feats that are hard for children to learn.  Honestly tearing a toddler’s eyes away from the spinning Snoopy and having them focus their attention on the game play alone is an amazing feat for children (and let’s be honest some adults...Ok fine me!) The kids love the game so much that they do not even know that they are fine tuning their skills, they are just playing a game they love with characters they adore!  Home run and a welcome addition to anybody’s tabletop collection!

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