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Twigtale Gives Us A New Care Bears Book To Personalize This Holiday Season!


     One of my favorite things in this world is a good book.  Books can enhance your child’s imagination, teach them lessons, and of course help them read.   Sometimes however it is hard to hold their interest in the written word.  What with tablets, smartphones, tv, and portable gaming consoles.  So how do we spark their interest early? Buy them a Twigtale book.   Twigtale is a website that provides personalized books for minimum cost. With characters, and subjects that will sure to hit home with at least one if not more of the children in your life, Twigtale gives you the option to add personal pictures, as well as editing the text to fit your family! 

     What is even more exciting is the Care Bear book that they have now released.  Yep 80’s children Care Bears are coming back and now you can make your kids a personalized book in less than twenty minutes.  Twigtale has released one care bear title “Sharing With The Care Bears” which has you place several personal pictures in the book, including one on the cover, Your child’s name is added and placed throughout the book, and you can edit text to personalize it even more.  For $19.99 you can get one soft covered book or $29.99 for a hard cover book, and from experience it is money worth spent.  Children are completely entranced by seeing their pictures, it is just one of those things- it fascinates them.  Put them in a book with their favorite Care Bears- well you will know all the words to that book by heart soon enough!  Check out the site and give the gift of reading to your children this holiday season- you will not regret it! 

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