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The Mommy's Guide To Gifts: Technology Edition!

I remember being a child and thinking how cool all the tec in Star Trek was.  The Holideck. COME ON! well we may not be soaring through space yet with Jean Luke, but there is still a bunch of fun tech to go around for everyone! Here is a list compilied of our favorite video games, robots, and more! 

Sklyanders Super Chargers!   Kaos is returning as our favorite Super Villain but instead of trying to take over Skyland, we see that he has already succeeded!  It is our task to save Skyland from his evil mites and back into the hands of the honest citizens of Skyland. This is the first time we see that Kaos has already won, and he is just a little smug about it to say the least.  Do not fret my pets, we will absolutely be getting our beloved Skyland back but with some help from some of our old friends along with some new. Read our full review! 


Stikbots!:  A long long time ago before the age of smartphones and tablets (a time my son believes does not exist) stop motion was a fine art that were limited to only those that could afford buying the equipment.   Now with Stikbots and their super easy to use app anyone can literally put their imagination in motion and post it for the world to see.  Think about that- that is huge! Read our full review!

   Chibi-Robo For The 3dsXl:  Chibi-Robo is still as adorable as ever, I mean really, he may be one of the most adorable characters ever in my mind, and although he stayed the same, the game itself has changed from semi-sandbox game play to a side-scrolling platform program.  This game is more along the lines of Mario and Kirby games which any Nintendo fan will know and instantly love.  The left to right game play has you moving Chibi-Robo throughout the boards in order to help earth get rid of its most recent alien nuisance. Read our full review! 

Guitar Hero Live! :   Guitar Hero is back, and wants to know if you guys are ready to rock! This all new version of the game that took the world by storm years ago is revamped and ready for get on stage!  First let us start with the game's new look. In the older versions, the game was cartoon-ized, and had very little in the way of visual aesthetics.  However, this time around you play with a first person view and see through the eyes of your virtual character.  You experience first-hand as they walk behind the scenes and up onto the stage to a sea of live actors playing as your fans, and your band mates, giving you a true sense of actually playing in a real live rock band.  It is a crazy experience the first time you play it.  It's more like interacting with a TV show than video game and will absolutely blow you away. Read our full review! 

    MiPosaur: Last year we had the absolute honor to present WowWee’s MiP self-balancing robot on our holiday list.  This year we are even more overjoyed to present the MiPosaur!  A Robot Dinosaur! WHAT WHAT!  MiP which stands for “mobile inverted pendulum” is the base behind the robotics of these super fun toys.  WowWee had made such a splash last year with their toy that this year the expectations were high. Some companies would fold under the pressure, but not WowWee- they just raised the bar even higher!  Starting with the tech that they used originally for the MiP they created an entirely new experience for us to enjoy this holiday season!  Read our full Review! 


Mario Tennis:     I remember having my original Nintendo Gameboy and playing one of my very first video games on that amazing machine. The first was Tetris- the second was Mario Tennis. Holy Smokes was I addicted to that game and only at the ripe old age of 7 years old.  When I visited Nintendo HQ in NYC this November I got to preview the game- and I was flooded with old memories- and super psyched to get new ones!  Now that I have the game in my home (thanks guys) I can say that I am still an addict- and I am proud.  Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash has up to four players able to play (singles or doubles) and give you the unique opportunity to play one of the most beloved games on the screen with our favorite characters.  My family and I have played rounds that I personally believe would put the US Open to shame. Read the rest of our review here! 

   amibbo Festival is the PERFECT game for family fun!  Experience Animal Crossing like never before! Get to play once unplayable characters like Isabelle, Tom Nook, and Digby, and wonder around town experiencing daily activities of the town folk in this interactive virtual board game!  One of the cooliest things about this game is how the amibbos actually interact with it,  Touch the amibbo's to the Wii game pad and they roll the dice for you- I think it is sooo cool, so does X!  There are also amiibo cards that come with the game that unlock mini-games that are adorable as well as entertaining.  You will love cuddling up on the couch and playing this game on rainy afternoons with the kiddos! 

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