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The Mommy's Guide To Games!

      We LOVE board games! This year it was sooo hard to choose which ones to put on this list- because honestly they are all amazing. However here I have listed the best of the best and I think you will all agree that there are very specific reasons why they stand out among the rest! We were given all these games to review, however all of the opinions stated are our own!

Flying Ace! 

      Based on the wildly popular franchises new movie, this board game is set in France.  Snoopy as the Flying Ace is going to be sitting on top of an easily constructed Eiffel Tower.  Place Snoopy on his balance beam astride the tower and he turns into the games unique spinner, as well as the highlight of the game.
   Game play is easy; everyone gets color coded cards with matching colored tokens.  Spin Snoopy, while he is flying everyone quickly turn the cards over until your card matches with one of the other cards that are face up on one of the other player’s decks.  When you have a match you place a token on that character on the rounded game board claiming it as your own.  You need to be quick- the
more tokens you have on the board the greater the chance that you will win!  When Snoopy eventually stops spinning, the cloud trail will land on one particular space, whichever players token is on that space wins that round, if the character space has no token no one wins and everyone keeps playing. Read Our Full Review!

I Spy Spooky Mansion! 

I Spy is a game that is known throughout the ages.  Long ago we only had our surroundings to play the game, but with the help of University Games, we now have a variety of board games available to liven up this game that has lasted literally through the ages and to keep us on our toes!
      I SPY Spooky 3D Mansion game integrates the classic game with a board game for hours of fun for the whole family!  It is uniquely designed so that the box itself is the board game and storage unit- all in one.  Once you do the initial set up, your game is good to go--forever that is it!   Made out of sturdy cardboard, you have two levels of “rooms” that you make your way through in order to gather all the keys needed to the let yourself out of the front door, and escape the Spooky Mansion.  Read our full review! 

 Star Wars Destroyer Strike Game! 

     In this game you are introduced to not only new characters from the movie but also the Star Destroyer, who is hot on your tail and ready to bring you down. Wonder Forge- always one to create different and interesting ways to play, have done it once again with this not so normal board game. There is no board actually included. Instead you have one small center that the ship attaches too with four curved “legs” that your characters are on and move along to get to their safe zone.
     Each player gets four characters from the movie to play as Chewbacca, Rey, Poe and Finn, your mission if you choose to accept it, is to get one of them to safety. Sounds easy right. Well YOUR WRONG! This game is chuck full of fun, but strategy will be your best friend.   Spin the Star Destroyer to start the game, and the timer that is held within. Read Our Full Review! 

Pictopia Star Wars Edition

     Pictopia Star Wars Edition, is a family friendly trivia game that has 1000 questions. Yes, you have heard me right, 1000.  Make your mark in the galaxy by proving that you are either a Padawan or Jedi Master, by answering questions that range throughout the whole series of movies.  Topics range from characters, planets, ships, anything in the Star Wars world will pop up as a question in this game. Its
    With all Wonder Forge games, this game is what it seems to be but also more. A mix between a family fun game, trivia and a little bit of poker, you will have a blast playing no matter how many times you open the box. The game comes with 200 Question Placards, 6 answer dials, 30 wager coins, 6 marker pegs, 1 score tracker panel, 1 die and instructions. Each player takes turns being the "host" and asking questions to individual players or in some instances to the group- where you can all work together to get the answer.  Before you answer, each play must wager coin amounts based on how certain they are about their answer. If answered correctly, the player (s) will move their peg up the score tracker the amount they wagered. Read our full review!

                                            Chrono Bomb
What a way to kill the winter blues! Patch presents Chrono Bomb, the game that will literally keep your children busy for hours.  In this game, the players are spies, or jewel thefts or FBI agents whatever. Their mission is to get through a booby trapped room and defuse the bomb before the whole place turns to dust!  Sounds like fun right? Well it is!

     The setup, although interrogate is very easy once you get the hang of it.  The set comes with a series of clamps that once clipped holds the clip and therefore the cord in place. Your child can make It as simple or hard as they choose, using any sturdy object as a means of creating the course.  Once they have their course set, simply place the end of the string to the motion sensitive clip, that attaches to the bomb then set the timer.   If your child hits a line the bomb will beep giving them a warning that they are dangerously close to activating the bomb and failing their mission.  If they get to the bomb in the set amount of time without being detected and hit the off button they win. Yeah it seems pretty simple eh? Think again. Read our full review!

                         Pete The Cat has become a phenomenon in the book world- so it only makes sense that a board game under the same title would be just as awesome!  Pete The Cat the Groovy Button Game is an amazing game aimed towards the little kids, and has no reading required! Read our full review! 

     Hang On Harvey from University Games!  In this game that is geared for children 6 and up this fast paced game has your "Harvey's" racing to the bottom!   Players take turns strategically inserting and moving the amounted pegs to have them drop levels without falling.  the first on to have any part of Harvey hang off the bottom of the base wins- but remember if Harvey falls- you have to start all the way at the beginning.  Based on the classic Hang on Harvey and revamped for these modern day children of ours, this game has everything you would want in a game. Players must statically place the pegs in a way so that Harvey not only moves towards his goal- but does not fall-  which is great for getting the gears grinding in their heads.  You can play right away, no crazy set up, no elaborate instructs, this comes out of the box and ready to go!  The game can grow with your kids!  Have they mastered the art of using the four included pegs? Kick it up a notch and have them play with only three!  Hang on Harvey comes with the climbing wall (which is four easy to assemble pieces) two sets of different colored pegs (4 of each) and instructions!  You can buy this game on amazon, as well as Toys 'R Us and will absolutely love it for all your holiday and winter gatherings!

                                     Doodle Dice!

      Doodle Dice has the unique ability of being both a dice and card game! Two of my very favorite things!   Each player during their turn draws a card, and puts it in the gallery before rolling all six dice.  From there you have to use the doodles on the dice to match any of doodle picture cards that are in the gallery.   If the player is lacking a doodle they need the player may roll as many dice one more time in hopes of getting the necessary lines to complete the doodle on the card.  If the player cannot make the picture then it is the next players turn, if they do match it they take the card.  When the player gets six cards-one of each color, green red blue orange purple and yellow- they win!  A great game for the older kids, as well as adults. This Doodle Dice has no rushed gameplay, and includes a lot of laughs.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and have played it multiple times both with the kids and without. With simple yet challenging gameplay, it is a new game each time you play making its replay value limitless! Available on Amazon you will absolutely love having this game in your collection! 

                                                        How Tall Am I 

   How Tall Am I is the game that is “fun from head to toe!”.  Made for children as little as three years old, the game play is easy, fun and has no reading required! The pieces are all bits of people (no no, this is nothing like soylent greens lol) heads, shirts, pants, hats shoes, they are super cute.  Along with the people pieces, there is an adjustable ruler and one die.  All you have to do is roll the die and pick the piece that is drawn on it. For example, if you see a head on the die, you choose a head.  Once all the pieces are in place, head body toes, hats etc., you measure your creation.  The tallest person wins! Easy peasy!  The kids really loved this game.  It was simple to learn, the game play was direct and they could play on their own.  Making them feel even cooler!  After a few tries, you could see them thinking, ok if I pick these legs, they should be taller than those, and so on and so on. Up to four players can play, and you are guaranteed a quiet moment to yourself or a successful playdate for sure!  How Tall Am I is available on Amazon. 

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