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Star Wars Star Destroyer Strike Game

 Star Wars Star Destroyer Strike Game
     In this game you are introduced to not only new characters from the movie but also the Star Destroyer, who is hot on your tail and ready to bring you down. Wonder Forge- always one to create different and interesting ways to play, have done it once again with this not so normal board game. There is no board actually included. Instead you have one small center that the ship attaches too with four curved “legs” that your characters are on and move along to get to their safe zone.
     Each player gets four characters from the movie to play as Chewbacca, Rey, Poe and Finn, your mission if you choose to accept it, is to get one of them to safety. Sounds easy right. Well YOUR WRONG! This game is chuck full of fun, but strategy will be your best friend.   Spin the Star Destroyer to start the game, and the timer that is held within.  This piece is really the star of the show, and plays fun music from the movie, as well as shooting a laser to take out your guys when the timer ends.  Your job is to use the action cards to move your players out of its reach before time runs out!   You do this by using two different kinds of action cards that are included. Resistance action, benefits only your characters while the First Order cards impacts another player. Either way if completed correctly they should help you reach your goal of survival. The cards have tasks like Spin the Destroyer, have you set up the Deflector Shield to protect your hero, or even has you move opponent’s characters backwards.  These cards however can lead to different ways of game play. Take it up a notch by incorporating RPG type actions and ask other players for help, or team up to destroy one team.
      A challenging game which is geared toward older kids on the spectrum, it has tons of bells and whistles making it intriguing, but honestly the real fun lies in the challenge of it all. Every player needs to think one step ahead in order win, and the high speed of the game adds excitement and helps the players make quick decisions

    A great gateway game to more advanced RPG card or board games that us grown up nerds are super fond of.  This game has not only challenging game play, but Star Wars as well. Clearly this is a no brainer! I would suggest buying this game for children eight and above, as it takes a few tries to grasp the concept- but once they do the whole family will LOVE IT! 

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