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Pictopia Star Wars Edition


       Pictopia Star Wars Edition, is a family friendly trivia game that has 1000 questions. Yes, you have heard me right, 1000.  Make your mark in the galaxy by proving that you are either a Padawan or Jedi Master, by answering questions that range throughout the whole series of movies.  Topics range from characters, planets, ships, anything in the Star Wars world will pop up as a question in this game. Its
    With all Wonder Forge games, this game is what it seems to be but also more. A mix between a family fun game, trivia and a little bit of poker, you will have a blast playing no matter how many times you open the box. The game comes with 200 Question Placards, 6 answer dials, 30 wager coins, 6 marker pegs, 1 score tracker panel, 1 die and instructions. Each player takes turns being the "host" and asking questions to individual players or in some instances to the group- where you can all work together to get the answer.  Before you answer, each play must wager coin amounts based on how certain they are about their answer. If answered correctly, the player (s) will move their peg up the score tracker the amount they wagered. So if you are really really certain about your answer then it is best to wager a lot- but remember with every wager there is a risk!   The player Who reaches the final position on the score tracker must successfully complete a final challenge to claim their victory.
    Oh how sweet it is when you win. I suggest victory laps, and making everyone applaud your success, because honestly, winning at Star Wars Trivia is a HUGE DEAL. Even though princess leia will not be there to hand you out medals to mark the occasion, you should still make sure to have your very own ceremony at the end of the game. In fact I insist you do. If however you are playing with young ones, I guess maybe skip the gloating- you know showing them there is no shame in losing blah blah blah. But if you are playing with friends, RELISH YOUR WIN!

   At its essences Pictopia is a trivia game but there are so many different elements that no one will dare call this game ordinary.  True Star War fans, and fans in training alike will get a kick at the questions that range in difficulty, and moving about the pegs, making bets and even using their own “force” to see how much they know about the other players.  Great for fans of any age- and although suggested starting age is 7- the little ones will have just as much fun teaming up with their older and wiser parents and friends and play along with them making this a truly family friendly game in every sense.  Sold at Target, you should run out and get this baby before the new movie comes out, because after that you won’t need to be a Jedi to know that this baby will sell out fast!

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