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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

                                Mario Tennis:   Ultra Smash

  I remember having my original Nintendo Gameboy and playing one of my very first video games on that amazing machine. The first was Tetris- the second was Mario Tennis.  Holy Smokes was I addicted to that game, and only at the ripe old age of 7 years old.  When I visited Nintendo HQ in NYC this November I got to preview the game- and I was flooded with old memories- and super psyched to get new ones!  Now that I have the game in my home (thanks guys) I can say that I am still an addict- and I am
proud.  Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash has up to four players able to play (singles or doubles) and give you the unique opportunity to play one of the most beloved games on the screen with our favorite characters.  My family and I have played rounds that I personally believe would put the US Open to shame.  Although to be fair I had a little help from the addition of unnaturally high jump shots and giant mushrooms that made me the size of the stadium.  However, I still stand by my own opinion.  These upgrades to the classic game made for a great way of revamping the older version, yet keeping it as close to the original as possible.  In a format alike to Smash Bros, you can play in different ways doing the Mega Battles, singles, doubles, playing friends or the CPU.  You can change the course so that it ranges in difficulty- making it easier for the younger ones to play, and then easily changed so us old folks have a challenge.  You can also alter the view settings so that one person looks at the TV and one person plays with the Pad so you both have the advantage of seeing the court straight on.  The graphics are bright and crisp, showing the upgrades that Nintendo is making in the area of the graphics of franchise favorite games as well as 3rd parties.  The game-play is easy enough too so that the whole family can enjoy it.  This family gives Mario Tennis a huuuuuuuge 6 thumbs up and anticipate many more nights on the court, and we recommend you to do the same as well!

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